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May 09, 2016

Hannah K.

Did the beam tips work for you hun?x

May 01, 2016

Hannah K.

That's okay! If you need anymore help gymnastics wise don't be afraid to ask! I've been a gymnast for 13 years and a coach for nearly 2 1/2 years so I'm pretty experienced:)

Apr 30, 2016

Hannah K.

So, cartwheel on beam. I'm assuming you mean on the beam and not rounding off the end. Cartwheel on beam is mainly a confidence issue and a balance issue. If you can, I'd recommend starting off on a floor beam, or just a line on the floor to get an idea of how straight you are. You essentially want to start and end on the same line to achieve the balance needed. Once you've got that down, you could more to a higher up beam or get the coach to adjust a beam to a level your comfortable. Put lots of squash mats underneath! Confidence wise, you just have to get in your head that the worst that'll happen if you'll fall off, you might get a bruise but it's rarely worse than that.
On beam, I find its easier to start a Cartwheel facing forward. You know where you're going with that, as opposed to sideways as you're more likely to lose balance and fall. Get a coach or friend to spot or support you if you feel you will fall. Then go into your regular cartwheel, gripping the beam with your hands (like a claw!). I wouldn't recommend finishing the cartwheel standing sideways either. For beam, the best Cartwheel is a front-to-back Cartwheel (where you start the cartwheel facing forward and finish facing the opposite way you started) as you can see your transition and it aids balance. Remember how you stand on the beam too, it's best to land with your feet one behind the other and slightly facing out (a bit like a penguin) as this gives you more surface room. You may lose your balance at this point (especially if you're slightly out with your landing, even by one foot) but you'll correct that after a few goes as you'll work out where to put your feet. Finishing (putting your arms up) at the end helps too as it aids balance, it's not just to look pretty! Alternatively, land in what us coaches call the "landing position", where you bend both legs slightly when landing.
Hope this has helped, if you need anymore help I'm always here! X

Apr 30, 2016

Chris M.

Hi IC.! Following back!

I C.

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