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Love it

Everything is soft, blends easily and is so easy to use. I love it. I've been getting a bit creative with eyeshadow because its ease makes the whole process easier. I'd recommend this to everyone. I do think it's a better entry level palette than the petit pro.

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Beautiful, apart from dud shades

The shimmers are freaking amazing. I'm quite tanned and the white works well to highlight my brows. The light brown is good, but nothing special (I have to pack it on). The dark brown is a bit tough but I can use it to fill in the little gap I have in my thick brows

Now, my main problem. The third reddish matte is as hard as a rock. I can't pick up anything with a brush or finger swatch, even with primer. It blends poorly. It's clearly much darker than all swatches I've seen so I'm guessing It's a defective dud? Yeah I get this happens with some brands, but for what I'm paying with viseart I don't think it should happen.

I attached a pic of a finger swatch of it over UD primer potion.

Look, if I couldn't find use for the last shadow I'd be even more annoyed but be careful when purchasing because this isn't worth the money because of the dud mattes. If you only want shimmers they're breathtaking!

On another note, my Minx theory is probably the best thing I've ever used - so look into that first!