Beauty Product Reviews

Very nice

Both of these palettes are fantastic. They are the amazing high quality I expect from Viseart.

So far, so good. I received this in my lucky bag and my first impressions were that the peptides were higher up in the ingredient list than any other peptide product I've personally tried. I have been using it every day since I received it, and what I am noticing in just this short time is that my face appears a bit plumper and smoother. I have very fine wrinkles on my cheeks that are already starting to lessen - not sure if this product is firming it up or just providing relief for a very dehydrated area. It applies and absorbs easily, and as a bonus it smells wonderful. I'm very excited to see the full line, and am looking forward to trying a few other products.


This is the first Ambient Light palette I've purchased, and now I understand all the adoration for it! The powders are all very forgiving to my aging face, even the highlighter. In fact, it is the only highlighter I've ever used that doesn't emphasize the texture I have on my face. I can use every shade in this palette in multiple ways - I just love it.


These brushes are extremely well made, and I love the way they feel in my hands when I use them. They are the best brushes I own, and make my eyeshadow a joy to use. They make my shadows effortless to apply and blend.