Beauty Product Reviews

Creative colour combo

It’s such an eyechatchy palatte. The colour combo is so different and that blue shade - oh, it is THE blue shade for all parties / artsy events. Even for the sparkling red shade that people have been criticising about, it is just such a pretty shade abd the payoff is appropriate.

Speaking of colour payoff though, you wouldn’t get as much from it as the subset palatte. If you are expecting something super pigmented, this won’t do justice. The colour needs to be really built up to have the effect that you see on Instagram. Nevertheless, they are still beautiful colours.

Beautiful and blinding but the shade is tricky

It is one of the most blinding highlights I have ever tried. The formula is unique and it does achieve what it says it will achieve - the wet effect. For 01 fair, one stroke is more than enough for a pretty good payoff. You pay for what it is worth.

If you are thinking of buying this, one thing you should pay attention to is the shade choice. I have a relatively light skin tone but 01 appears to be looking greenish on my cheek under white light. I just have put down another order for 02 light to medium. Hopefully it suits me better.