Beauty Product Reviews

Second time’s not a charm.

This is not the first Niod/Deciem/Abnormal company purchase. I’ve loved them all and this was my second bottle of this item.

The first one went well. Didn’t see a huge difference but a month or so of use doesn’t particularly showcase a products benefits.

I purchased this bottle the end of March and kept it in its box, in a dark, cool area until I opened it to use around the middle of May.

I always keep my products stored in dark, temperature moderated areas. And I’m exceptionally careful not to contaminate the dropper.

All that being said, this product developed a very “off” smell. It wasn’t immediately clear what the smell was but it was clearly the fractionated eye cream.

No one else has mentioned this, and although I purchased it awhile before I opened it, perhaps it was defective? And I usually take a couple of months to use any eye product that has a texture like this. I’m not scrimping in use, I just apply what seems appropriate.

So...I might try it again, or not. Although the price is reasonable for a skincare item, it’s not if I have to throw it away.

Three stars because while I didn’t see as much difference in my skin the first bottle, it seems to help others and the odor wasn’t off.