Beauty Product Reviews

Best Matte Lipstick

Best red color for everyone! This seriously stays on for hours at a time and does not move when you eat or drink. I'm obsessed and need more colors.


I tried this foundation twice at Department stores after a friend recommended it. The picture of her skin was absolutely beautiful and flawless. However, when I tried the foundation, instead of the ceramic matte finish I saw in her picture. I instead looked like a flakey mess. I did not like this foundation. It did not blend well and was splotchy. Poor coverage. Additionally, one pump put out way too much product. Not to mention it is highly overpriced and the packaging isn't that great.

Quick on the go

This foundation has great coverage and can be used as a foundation AND concealer. I used it for the past 4 months. I like that it has great coverage and isn't too thick or cakey compared to the other stick or creme foundations I have used. I like that it fits right into my make up purse and I can take it anywhere for a touch up.

It does tend to get a bit oily on the skin and I have pretty normal skin (I don't get very oily/dry). I would not suggest mixing it with other products. I used it over MUFE foundation and I did begin to look very cake-like. There are only a few colors to choose from and the stick is 34 dollars.