Beauty Product Reviews

Love them!

Online they looked pretty cheap but they are way better quality then I thought and why I ever thought Jeffree would Put out a cheap component is beyond me. I own 79 Lipsticks so I only have one single Slot left before I’ll need another which will probably be the summer collection

Love my straws

Seriously greatest thing ever I wasn’t going on to order these but as a collector i just had to and I love using them. I want to order more for my kids

  • C2
Don’t like

Did not like how it performed at all, also think the shade is a bit too light for Me I could of used c5 but even if that is restocked I probably will Not buy it. My drug store concealers worked better then this and die way more for My skin.

  • C0

I use this for a eyeshadow base for cut creases and I like how it performs for such. Never tried it to conceal anything because it would be way too light for me.


I had high expectations for anything Jeffree I own 79 Lipsticks and all his pallets plus other items. This didn’t work like anything it claimed, the smell was awful not that it smelt bad but it was just all Up in your face. I do not like this product at all very disappointed in it.