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Beauty Product Reviews

Its cute. Its not as bright as the bottle but it does its job with a few coats. The only complaint I have is the scent. When I first got it, it smelled strongly of rotten peanut butter. I've had it for 2 months now and the smell had faded slightly, but its still. there.

I don't really know why this is a dollar more than the regular shadows, but the sparkle in this shadow is amazing. I can see why they call it "diamond". Using this while wet is important, especially for the blue. Swatched dry, it looks gray, but making your brush wet makes the color much more iridescent and match the swatch on the website. Little fallout and great staying power.

This is a fantastic eyeshadow, very pigmented and so sparkly! It wears for hours and doesn't fade with very little fallout. I used it wet, and I think it makes a difference since the color appeared a bit more iridescent when wet.

I didn't like these. I have two and they didn't do anything for me. While trying to blend it into my face it gained a cottage cheese like consistency and wouldn't blend in. It was useless and I felt like it just made my foundation melt.


Its so smooth and creamy. I wish it had a bit more staying power. I also found that this lipstick was a bit more scented than other MAC lippies. (as in, it smelled strongly of vanilla instead of just slightly like vanilla.) Still a fantastic nude, worth a try!