Beauty Product Reviews


sometimes when i'm in hurry all i need was a mascara and this lipstick.the red colour feels so yum on my instant wow! it is matte but it didn't dry out and the colour last longer then i expected.with this lipstick i brave enough to apply it all over my lips, create an instant bold and bright colour in a snap!

nice and simple

i like this concealer, cause its creamy and didnt dry out on your face, and it wont create a weird too-bright blends perfectly on me, and sometimes i used it as an eyeshadow to make a bright shades in the inside corner of my eyes.

just suits you

i love this foundation!when you live in tropics and need a foundation that will stay all day, free shine, no smudge, and makes you look flawless.just grab this! its pretty hard for me to find a foundation that match my skin tone, not too light yet not too i decided to use the true beige .and wow! i love perfectly stays on your face especially if you love the "no makeup look" it does smell like some freakin chemical paint or what but i guess it just it, cause overall this is the makeup products that will suit you.