Beauty Product Reviews

JSC’s lip gloss formula is still one of my favorite. The color payoff for a gloss is solid, which especially comes through on this shade as far as the new colors. I also purchased Wizard’s Glass and it’s a much more subtle base. The shade Lord Star has enough fuschia that it looks fantastic on it’s own, and looks even better as a topper. It has the same yummy Creme brûlée flavor as the rest of his gloss line. The longevity is a little better than most of my other glosses, and I like the texture (though it’s a gloss, so it’s still going to be sticky, but it’s not as bad as some). The product amount isn’t the best for a gloss, but it’s comparable to other brand’s product weight. As far as packaging, it doesn’t get much cuter. Would definitely recommend buying if a color speaks to you!

Must have!

I purchased these to protect the more expensive brushes in my collection, especially during travel. These perform wonderfully, protecting the bristles and keeping their shape. The material is durable and they have held up for a year now. If you’ve invested in expensive brushes, invest in these as well.

ALSO TO SOLVE PILLING ISSUES, a little goes a long way, like many of their products, don't use too much as that is when the pilling will appear. These bottles will last awhile, you don't need more than a couple drops for most uses.

Love the way it makes my nose feel matte!

This product has everything going for it. I have VERY dry and sensitive skin. I don't get acne, except for blackheads and having an oily nose and center of forehead. I can never find a toner or essence or serum that really does much for my nose except drying it out to near flaky, only to get greasy by end of day. This product is amazing. Along with how incredibly affordable and accessible this product is, I find that it has very little doesn't bother me at all. The already low price is even better when you consider how much of the product comes in a package. The packaging is lovely, I love the classic glass bottle and dropper, it looks nice and clean/near in your medicine cabinet. Aside from all those positive aspects, the absolute best thing is that this is a miracle product for me. It instantly mattifies my nose and makes my pores feel tighter. It doesn't dry or flake, it doesn't make my sensitive skin turn red or irritate my skin. It stops sebum production on my nose and has been keeping my nose blockhead free as I have gradually worked all the blackheads out of my nose. It is reliable all day long. I have been using a lighter BB cream, and haven't yet tested makeup layering over the area and how it performs with a thicker makeup over it. It is absolutely one of my three favorite products from The Ordinary. I love that their items feel luxe but are in most cases even better than drugstore prices. Great brand and product! If you have oily T zone or skin in general, if you want to clear up blackheads, if you have dry skin or sensitive skin and still need a product like this...reach for this first before investing in more expensive items, I think you'll be happy with the results!

Beautiful, Buildable Highlight

This is capable of being blended out for subtle (or as subtle as most highlights do, let's be honest lol!) and absolutely see you from outer space highlights. It is beautiful and I really scoured the net for more pictures of the pearl in pressed form. I am about as pale as they get, color in photo may be a wee bit off as was taken with flash in dark bedroom. For reference I wear porcelain or fair in most foundations (currently using .5 in UD All-Nighter if that helps). The powder is absolutely beautifully milled. It feels like velvet on my finger alone. The picture I attempted to do one swatch alone, doubled up, then tripled up from left to right. Didn't quite work perfectly but you get an idea of the color and how buildable and truly blendable this color is. Great for if you really want a pop and great for if you wanted to create a blended ethereal glow on paler complexions. I would say, like all Becca products, that this color is absolutely accessible for all skin tones and blends like a dream. Also, who can resist an extra pop on the center of lid for a shadow look etc. So many uses! I have yet to use the poured, but have Moonlight in liquid. Much prefer the pressed powder.