Beauty Product Reviews

Sophisticated Glitter!

This shade has a silver liquid base with gold, blue, green and pink reflects. It is a beautiful, nuanced colour and is the perfect glittery eyeshadow topper for special occasions. The glitter is very fine and comes off easily with Bioderma; it does not feel gritty/abrasive against the skin at all and the removal is fuss free. The finished look is sophisticated and not over-the-top. I didn't touch or rub my eyelids at all and it lasted well through the night on my lids without any fall out.

Impressive wear time

The rose gold shade is nuanced, with slight hints of pink, gold and purple in the mix. The eyeshadow wore well throughout the entire day. It faded slightly toward the end of the day, and did not crease at all. Beautiful eyeshadow, well worth the price.