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Beauty Product Reviews

King Me

I absolutely love this color because its out of the ordinary and perks me up. Despite the price it’s chock less of unnecessary ingredients .

Inglot’s liquid works with any Pigment Eye Shadow Color

Inglot's Duraline mixed with the pigment color can customize your colors depending on how much liquid you mix on a paw palette.

Or Use pads under eye to catch fallout before applying your foundation. Powder under your eyes before applying foundation too. Think outside the box to look foxy beauties!

Queen of Queens Surratt Brushes

This amazing line of brushes uses grey/blue Squirrel hairs & Canadian squirrel hairs that are incredibly soft. Hand assembled in Japan this face brush is densely assembled at the base/ferrule and slowly blooms out into a soft dome of hairs designed to pick up just the right amount of delicate face powder, blush & bronzer with zero streaking. The handle is lightweight and comes in a beautiful collectible box that slides open with a soft velvet flocked like material that protects the brush. Yes, the cost of this brush is pricey but if you bought the perfect little black dress, you wouldn’t wear it every day. I can almost guarantee this Surratt Face brush is most likely one you will reach for often and yes they are velvety soft. I am so intrigued with these brushes that I purchased the whole collection from various vendors, including Beautylish, because some were sold out.

If you were to purchase 4 brushes, I would recommend the face brush (multi-use), the large smoky brush for highlighting cheekbones, the complexion brush & the flat shader brush for eyes. Enjoy!

All Around Multi-Use Face Brush

Sonia G.’s face brush is my favorite brush out of her entire Sonia G line. I have a weakness for natural hair-cashmere soft brushes. This brush has the perfect handle & brush length (For my hands) that allow me to access my skin for better control. It’s great for blending Blush, Powder, Contour, Bronzer, etc. I love to watch editorial makeup artist for tips and one of the best was, Makeup Brushes truly have no restrictions on how you can use them. So I try to not limit yourself. Sometimes I apply moisturizer to my face, let it soak in & then use this brush to massage my skin...Sheer heaven! Although I have twoTop brands that are closer to my heart, my Sonia G. collection still has her own storage niche. This brush is definitely worth the purchase.

Wayne Goss’ #12 Paddle shaped cashmere soft but dense base

This large, cashmere soft, paddle shaped brush is the perfect companion to use with my Natasha Denona Sculpting palette. I hadn’t found a palette to match my skin undertones until ND’s. (Just A quick plug on ND’s palette) !

I received my WG’s #12 sculpting brush in my Beautylish Chinese New Year pkg. I had never noticed this brush before. It’s now one of my most used brushes.

It's my Home-Run Trifecta/Quinfecta brush. I use a microfiber towel to wipe clean in between colors/textures. I can sculpt (Cream) my face, contour nose & under my chin, blend, apply shimmer(powder) to my décolletage & shoulders & bronze & set with powder. I genuinely love this multi-use brush. Thanks to Wayne Goss once again & Beautylish.


This is my New Perfect Palette from NATASHA DENONA and I have no idea why I waited so long!!! This is a must-have for my makeup arsenal. The above picture doesn’t show just how beautifully designed it is. (sorry Beautylish)

I’ve tried many brands of bronzers, sculpting & glow products. They were either too light, too dark, streaky, dry or didn’t work with my skin’s undertones. Then I found this baby. This fabulous palette is one of my LATEST BEAUTY LOVES & My New Go to Palette. It’s a multi-use palette that can be used for bronzing, contouring, sculpting, blush, eye shadow, shimmer for the décolleté & a silky setting powder.

ND’s palette has a Golden Reflective exterior with a large interior mirror & an interior plastic protector for the top row of creams. The bottom row L-R include one silky powder & 2 buildable powders). I’m glad I went with the color Med-Dark because it can be built up or toned down. My skin color is l-m depending on the season and this was a perfect fit.

I tested it out by using additional products in the picture I posted below. I used my Wayne Goss' #12 brush, (Liquid, Cream & Powder brush), courtesy of Beautylish' Chinese New Year Pkg. It worked perfectly with this palette. I started w/cleansed, toned skin. Applied a serum. Then used a combo of Kevyn Aucoin's concealer & a bit of his primer to thin out certain areas. I didn’t use any face makeup. The rest of my S<B<C<S process was pretty easy. I used a WG brush for eyeshadow and used the #12 again to lightly set...Easy Peasy.... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PALETTE...❤️

Great washcloth for dry facial skin or shower washcloth

I use this to cleanse my Face with Paula’s choice, Eve Lom or Charlotte Tilbury’s Mask/Cleanser Balm. One side is muslin and the other side of the wash cloth is soft Terry cloth. I use a mild soap & this mild washcloth in the shower.... 5 out of 5




I need a Brush Display Holder/& or Curio Cabinet for Sonia G’s Make up brushes!

My brain honestly hit an air pocket on how to articulate the attributes of these brushes! From the satiny hairs, to the easy application & performance along with the graduated hand assembled natural hairs. Be back at you as Swatches/pictures speak a thousand words... I have purchased all the available eye brushes and the number 2 face brush. Wayne Goss, You are still my top shelf GO-TO and I continue to love your products.

A luxury body set for a Special Someone

I'm attached to the Oribe brand. The signature scent is simply tantalizing. Bergamot is mentioned as an ingredient, which I love in as a citrusy note but the remaining notes are like a variation of the original Musk scent. Remember musk oil from back in the day...?

The Oribe hair products are a bit pricey but trust me they are lux & have something for every hair type. It works wonders on my thick, wavy & unruly hair. A few of my favs are the Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner, the Beach spray, the Hair Refresher, the Scented Dry shampoo, the Scented Body Oil & the Hair Shine spray. Love this boxed set with 2 full sized products, body cream & body shampoo & a purse sized roller ball perfume with the signature scent.

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