Beauty Product Reviews

Needs Build-Up - 1 coat Not Enough?

I love the colour range and formular of the Jefree Star Liquid Lipsticks but i find that this specific colour "I'm Nude" needs atleast 2 coats to be looking like you're actually wearing it! On the first coat it is streaky and not as pigmented as swatching it on your hand might be. You really need to bulid this colour up if you want to be able to pull it off! 🙂 But this isn't the case with some of his darker colours such as "Celebrity Skin" it only needs one coat and its flawless! ❤️


This stuff is amazing for cracked or chapped lips and its a multitasker! It can be used for so many differant things including rashes and itches! An amazing product that everyone and their mother, father, brother and sister needs to keep on hand 24/7! ☺️


LOVE THIS COLOUR!!!!! Surprisingly i got this one before i got opal or champaign pop! Because its the perfect everyday highlighter in my opinion! Its such a pretty colour for the highest point of your cheekbones! And perfect for that Summer Glow or Nightly Glam!❤️❤️

I brought this one b4 the Chocolate Bar?!

So i actually like this one more then the original chocolate bar palette because their is more of the neutral colouring selection to this one rather than the original! But i love them both for eiether a pop of colour look or a neutral eye look! ❤️❤️❤️


LOVE THIS PALETTE! 💖💖💖💖💖 Its amazing for neutral looks and a little pop of sheer colour looks! Also has some matte and some shimmering shades in it for those matte or shimmery lovers! A great palette for makeup beginners, because there is quiet a few shades and looks to play around with in such a small compact palette! ❤️

Perfect Contour Shade 😍

Looooove this shade! Perfect contour shade for my skin! Not too orange or too grey undertoned so its perfectt! ❤️ TIP: Its an amazing duo with the Nars ITA Brush! (Also dupes on ebay/ aliexpress if the real one is too dear) x

Perfect "Kylie Jenner" Lip!

The famous Kylie Jenner Mac Duo! Mac Lipliner: Whirl Mac Lipstick: Velvet Teddy

LOOOVVEEE these two together! I think that its the perfect duo for any skintone and they both have amazing formulas! My holy grail go-to lip look ever is these two! 💖

Perfect light Nude Shade for medium-dark skintones!

First i absolutely love the formular and texture of the Mac Lipsticks! But this shade "yash" is amazing for medium-deep skintones (like mine) I loveee this colour on me tbh! And suprisingly is pretty long lasting too! Which is different as the mac lipsticks get not alot of rave about the long lasting side of them. As the formular is the matte finish, it does not dry your lips out at all! Which some matte finishes can do!

Love! Some pigmented, some not.

Some of the shadows in this palette are quiet pigmented and some arent! But overall this palette is amazing for a pop of colour or even just a neutrals look! I love it sooo much and can't wait to use more of it in the future! ❤️