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It is not "slippery" while on and it doesn't look like your lips have been dipped in a Vaseline vat. It goes well as a final touch to give your base a smooth glisten. It is even beautiful alone. Now I need a few more!

feels good

The shine is moderate and the colors are rich. I like balms but do not like how some are so slick that it feels like everything that touches your lips is going to slide off! This lip balm is a perfect combination of shine and color. It goes well on top of your favorite color or solo.


I received a sample in my last order and it is light and not greasy. It soaks in well and considering the short time that I have used it, it does well. I appreciate being given a chance to sample this and pass it on to my sister who just fell in love with it. Her new go to. One thing we both agree on is that the smell is little to be desired.

nice sample

I have been using the sample sent to me and it is everything they said it was. It does not dry you skin or make it feel tight and dry. I will continue to use.


I have been looking for a nice blend and this is it - I am impressed how well this palette goes together.

too dark

colors are beautiful, but when I tried it on me they were too dark and just do not work. I love the brand just not this palette of colors.

2nd take

I wrote a review a few weeks ago - because the jury was still out. Well I am here to say this product is amazing! Initially, I felt it was a bit harsh on my cheeks and around my eyes, but I never broke out just got a little red. I think I was rubbing too hard and created the redness. When I lighten up on the rubbing the redness was and is not an issue. I love this and will no longer be using the product I have been using. The best part of the product is that a little goes a very long way! Thank you for the sample that gave me this opportunity to check this cleansing balm. Love it.


I am amazed how beautiful the colors are and how well they last through the day - I am glad I took a chance on this palate. ♥♥♥

Best little sharpener ever!

I am impressed, I have not broken a tip, eaten away my pencil, a couple of twists and your ready to line your lips! I love this little guy - it is fabulous!


Initially I was sent a free sample and after that I was hooked. At first I thought it to be a bit thick and worried about breaking out - that did not happen! This face cream is amazing! It is not tacky it soak in and gives a replenishing feeling, it rejuvenated my skin. It is refreshing. I love it! I gave up the face cream that I have been using for 10 years and switched. I have been complimented on how good my skin looks and asked how I stay so hydrated in the our dry winters ... sending them to you!

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