Beauty Product Reviews


In this crazy NYC weather you've GOT to take care of your lips! This lip conditioner healed my NYC weather abused lips practically overnight and I've been using it religiously. I will never use another lip balm again!

It's not really scented and the taste is okay (not that i eat lip balms but you know....sometimes you lick your lips and stuff..idk)

Any who, I am extremely satisfied and this product works great with lipsticks and lip glosses.

Stay fresh and moisturized 24/7!!!

This hair smoothie smells absolutely amazing! When i use it, people stop and ask what i have on that smells so good. It's insane! The smell is out of this world amazing. It's kind of like a coconut/chocolate sort of smell to it.

How effective? Pretty effective. Get's the job done. I usually apply it to my hair after I wash it and then i braid my hair and for the next two days it will look great and it'll look very natural and wavy yet tamed. I am super satisfied with this product.

Can be found at CVS and Duane Reade (that's where I've bought it).

Go NAKED or go HOME!

This palette is amazing. It is perfect! You can go soft or hardcore with it and match with every inch of clothing. With NAKED, you can dress up or down. It is the perfect starter palette for someone who is just beginning to explore their makeup boundaries and finding their comfort zones. I love everything about it. I cant pick a favorite shade. I love them all!