Beauty Product Reviews

Pigmented, blendable, luxurious

First, I want to start by saying that I really do appreciate that the palette has a mix of finishes - including more matte shades for the crease/transition area. With 28 shadows, it seems like it wouldn't be a great fest to have included these as options - yet I have found palettes where a few basic mattes are lacking.

Second, these shadows are so luxurious feeling! I found the metallics and shimmers to be comparable to Tom Ford shadows that I've used - creamy, pigmented, easily blendable, and with staying power. I will say that these Denona shadows wore off sooner than I expected (more just that they became kind of muddy looking) after about 6-7 hours of wear. Not bad, but I've had less expensive shadows last longer given the same base/primer.

I know fallout has been discussed in various social media reviews of this palette. I by no means grind my brushes into my shadow (and I do use fairly high end brushes). I tapped off quite a bit of product from my brush before even bringing it to my eye, and had a small to less than moderate amount of fallout still. I don't believe that makes it a bad product or somehow means I shouldn't have invested as much in this palette. So I cleaned it up and moved on. I'm definitely not a professional MUA, but I was frustrated by the implication that I must be a total makeup imbecile to have experienced any fall out.

Overall, I LOVE this palette. It's something special that I treated myself to and am thoroughly enjoying.

Luxuriously soft, so functional

My first thought was that I assumed this brush would feel incredible, but how much would I really use it? Well, a LOT. Everything Wayne highlighted in his video as possibilities for functions of this brush - it REALLY does. And EXTREMELY well, while feeling like little angel wings are gently whisping along your face. I mostly use it to apply powder all over, but I've use it to sculpt out a contour, tap on a highlight, blend out blush - or as an overall finishing brush to make sure all face products fade seamlessly into one another. It can quickly cover large areas, or be turned on its side to fit into the smaller books on your face. This was a splurge for me (gift pick) but one I enjoy EVERY single day.