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absolutely stunning

I absolutely love this formula. I have some glitter and glow Stila products, and I like them, but I much prefer this shimmer and glow formula. So easy to use! I put a nice neutral brown in the crease, apply the stila product to the lid, tidy up with a brush and I am done for an easy eye look. It also pairs really well with a black eye flick for a more dramatic look. I am about to order this product in two other colours.

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Amazing natural foundation

I bought this foundation a week ago and it is now my go to foundation. It goes on a little bit light in colour for my skin tone, but it oxidises to a perfect match. It looks extremely natural, but provides enough coverage to even out my skin.

I add a little bit of bronzer, some concealer and mascara for a "no make-up" day. But it also enough of a medium coverage that it can be used when I am going for a "dramatic" make-up look.

Cream products and powder products alike seem to blend in perfectly.

All in all, I'm really happy with this product!

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nice, but drying

It is a lovely, nude colour and I enjoy wearing it under matte lipsticks, cream lipsticks and and/or gloss. However, I don't find it to be soft. For me, it's quite stiff and it drags across my lips when I apply it. Also, it does tends to be drying so I don't use it daily, just once or twice a week.

Praline and Daiquiri - AMAZING

I just purchased two Jouer lip cremes, and they are fantastic!! I wear Praline as my everyday lip to work. I first put on a nude matte lipstick (Bite Beauty in Honeycomb) and top it with the Praline. Together, they stay on all day, like a liquid lip, but nowhere near as drying. Stays put throughout coffees, lunch etc, I usually only need to reapply a light layer of Praline towards the end of the afternoon.

I have also purchased Daiquiri, and wow, what a colour!! Not sure that I can pull off this colour as an everyday lip, but I am about to go on a vacation to a tropical destination and can't wait to wear this lip everyday!