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Where Do I Begin To Express My Dissapointment?

I read tons of reviews (both good and bad) before purchasing. What I came up with was that you had to be prepared for fall out and really work to blend the colors. When I got the pallet I was excited to give it a shot, as some of the more favorable reviews praised the color selections. They do not look the same once you are holding it in your hands. There was fall out, but not the way some youtubers suggested. The fallout was manageable. I used primer from urban decay on my lids and under eye areas. I used natural fiber brushes (this was highly recommended) and went in with my first matte color. Can I just was I was shocked. It honestly didn't move off of the starting point. Where I touched down is where it stayed. Thinking this was due to human error, I attempted it again. Same result. It goes downhill from there. Not only could I not get it to blend, I ended up looking like a reject from a bad '80s movie. Oh but the really disappointing part was that once i wiped it off (which created a new set of challenges) I noticed my lids were stained. I gave up for the day. I have tried it again and find that with little to no primer it can work as a transition color pallet, but there aren't many colors that work for that so, guess this goes in the Halloween makeup box. Just completely disappointed.

Impressed Finally

Ok so full disclosure, I tried these months ago, and was highly impressed with their coverage, feel,, and length of wear, however this was before I tried soft glam and was blown away. Anastasia products have been really hit or miss for me, and while I like her pallets, the other items I've tried were misses (as was subculture). so these lippies were the first thing to really impress me. The brow dip wasn't great for me, the pencil just ok, and he shadow pallets tend to repeat colors. so these floored me. I typically use Jeffree Star for liquid lips, highlighters, and everything else that man puts out. But I really like these. They're weightless, not tacky, full coverage, and the color selections are amazing. Overall I would and do recommend these lippies.

The "Glow" Fades Fast

I watched Wayne Goss basically salivate over this product and decided to try it. It's supposed to give you a sun baked glow. This happens the second you start to rub it into your skin. And last until you walk outside. At first I thought I was doing something wrong, but I re-watched the videos and followed them. Still faded quickly. This stuff is too expensive to get the equivalence of one photo's worth of wear. I didn't use other product over it, but did prime, and then tried it without primer. No difference. I was and am so disappointed in this product. The only thing I can say good is that once applied, it looks great!

What I Expected for the Most Part

So when I purchased this, I read the reviews and had a good idea I was getting something for a softer glow. As I already own a ton of highlighters (including Jeffree Star) I wanted something I could wear to the office. So when I tried it, I wasn't surprised at just how subtle the glow was. I wasn't as pretty as I had hoped, but still I went in knowing It wasn't going to be what I was used to. The only real issue I have with this is the price. These pan sizes are not worth that dollar amount. The bronzer was very pretty on the skin, but even that wasn't life changing and didn't make up for this price point. I'm not disappointed, just wont purchase it again.


I knew the pans were gonna be small, but the colors look so blah on the skin. This pallet just has no life in it. Only keeping because my daughter likes the lighter colors. Also not very pigmented

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You need more than this one product

While I like this, you will also need a pencil or dip. It’s nice tho. Not goopy, pigmented, not sticky or filmy. This was worth the price even though you will need other products. It does make it look more natural.

Absolutely beautiful

Like king tut, I love this highlighter! It’s perfect! Works well with all my looks! I thought king tut was gonna be my fave, this is just everything!


Pigmentation could be better. Purchased this for my daughter, likes the color selection (she has blue/grey eyes) so she likes colors that work well with them. This pallet as maybe too cool for her, but she likes the colors individually so we are going to be keeping it.

Colors aren’t what I expected

So I’m a huge fan of ABH, however I was disappointed in the color selection. I purchased it thinking this would be a great way shake up my normal daily looks, but the colors were oddly unflattering on me. I don’t really think the pallet is to blame for that. More so my complexion. But I do love the pigments and consistency in this pallet.


It was perfect! My daughter has been asking for JSC products for two years. Purchased this for her bday and it’s awesome. Great color, not too out there. Hydrates her lips. I adore the color. Would say they go one a bit harder than expected with a satin, but great color and they last, so I’m happy with them (purchased a few).

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