Beauty Product Reviews

It was terrible against my skin

I though my skin tone was cool based at first until I bought this product. This foundation gave me a very pink looking face that was off against the rest of my body. This product is good for someone with cool tones, but it wasn't great for me at all. For anyone with a neutral or warm tone avoid this shade of foundation.

A must have

I'm very pale with neutral tones. I bought another foundation like this but with a cool base tone. I'm in love with this foundation because it blends well against my skin. Also it does not smudge or lines on your skin.

Smuges easily

I don't really like this mascara very much. The benefit it that your lashes look longer but smuged easily. Every hour I have to check the mirror to get rid of the smudge. Not worth buying at all. I am very disappointed with this product.

I'm in love

I love the shade of this and it goes perfect well with a great lip liner. It also gives off an illusion of bigger lips. It's a must have for anyone in general. Worth buying :)

A bit dark for me.

I like the fact that this bronzer stays on all day. But the fact that the shade is darker than it appears really bugs me. I like a little bit of bronzer to give a slight tan but this one made me look like a spray tan gone wrong. Wouldn't bother buying another one.

Perfect for fair skin

I am naturally pale and blush has always made me look like I got slapped accross the face. The nice pink color gives a natural glow against your skin with a rosy elegant touch. Can't live without this blush.

Eyeshadow stayed on all day.

It's perfect if you are looking for a primer that will keep your eye makeup in place. My eyeshadow has never smeared ever sinced I bought this primer. Honestly even after going swimming it kept my eyeshadow in place. Worth the money

Makes your skin smooth

I have used this product for many years and I could never live without it. Great for any skin types. This primer blends in against your skin and gives it a soft texture. Great for if you are not in the mood for foundation and great to apply before foundation.