Beauty Product Reviews

I use this after my Oribe cleanse clarifying shampoo once a week and my hair has never been in better health. The combo is excellent! I'll be purchasing this combo again and again and again

You only need a little bit. My hair is past my shoulders and I thought this can't be enough. Yes it was. It got my thick frequently colored hair clean but didn't dry it out like most clarifying shampoos do.

I was wondering why I needed this until I started using it. Not only is it just beautiful on my lips but it keeps them hydrated no matter where in the country I'm at... Even at home in Colorado

I was hesitant about purchasing this brush because it's pink and cheaper in price than the other Chikahodo brushes I own. I'm glad I bought it because I've been blown away by how incredibly soft it is and how little powder I now need. It's like putting the shishedo cotton pads on my face but even softer if that's even imaginable. Absolutely love this brush