Beauty Product Reviews

Amazing Product! (expensive but amazing)

I have the shade "No She Didn't" and I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE. I wear it every chance I get. It's bright, bright, sky bubble gum blue. VERY opaque. It is long wearing, which I love. I can eat and my lips are still blue! It's smells amazing, like vanilla cupcake, or chocolate. Similar to the MAC lipsticks. The texture can be a BIT on the drier side, I've only noticed for winter. However, it is a very creamy product. LOVE... If only it were cheaper. At sixteen a lipstick, plus shipping, that's more expensive than MAC.

<3 <3 <3

I love Urban Decay! Gah, I know what I'm buying next! I miss this pallete soo much! its fantastic! I love the colors, vibrant, long wearing, and easily blend able.


I don't feel that this ever actually helps my chaps lips. At most it creates a barrier from wind, maybe. I do like the way it smells for some reason.