Beauty Product Reviews


This is my 2nd set. It’s makes my skin so smooth. And it’s helped the texture where my pores bothered me the most. I no longer have to use pore filling primers. Not they helped much anyway. Skin never looked better!

Best Cleansing Balm!!

I’ve spend $4o+ on Cleansing balm’s and this is by far the best balm. And the price OMG we shouldn’t spend more than $2o on a cleanser or balms .....I highly recommend this. Doesn’t break me out and No coconut oil!! Big plus! I’ve been double cleansing for a while and I will continue to use this as long as it’s available. (Eyeliner in pic is extremely smudge proof, waterproof and long lasting. It’s extremely hard to remove) using the balm was effforless to break Down)


Usually when I buy a product I always look at the ingredients list. I don’t know why I didn’t see alcohol denatured. This product is going to be on my face all night long. Now if alcohol is in a mask that going to come off my face within 10 to 15 minutes I’m OK with that.I know that sometimes skincare needs alcohol In their formula for certain reasons. Maybe it needs alcohol for an ingredient to be more effective.. .. I have other overnight exfoliating treatments and they do not have alcohol in them. I just thought I would give this a try since it’s six dollars and said it had 10% Blend of acids. Which is good and for someone on a budget is even better. But alcohol breaks down the skins barrier over time. And for this to be on my skin all night long I just I couldn’t do it I didn’t even bother trying it so I just returned it.

Nice for AM

I got this for the AM...something that will do the job plus it’s pH balanced which I like and will help w any acne. I rather use this then my $40 cleanser I use for night.


This has to be one of the worst foundations I have ever used in the history of foundations that I have used. I have used a lot and tried a lot. It’s thick and creamy texture is gross. When you set it is still transfers and lifts. When I was applying my blush it was coming right off as I was putting it on. I don’t know why people like this because it’s horrible this is like dollar tree foundation. Maybe dollar tree foundation is. Better than this! This foundation made me look so bad and so gross. This 7-Eleven make up doesn’t even deserve to be at Sephora. And don’t even get me started on the veil powder.

Oxidizes, doesn’t smooth pores or texture

Probably one of the worst powders I’ve ever used. It oxidizes when I said it under my eyes I has an orange tinge to it. And then they’ll just be like random orange spots on my face. This has to be one of the worst powders I have ever used. Becca tried to be different try to be innovative but it didn’t work .