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I've gone through a lot of eye serums and definitely notice the difference when I skip it in my routine, in terms of lack of moisture. The Good Molecules Wake Up Eye Serum is a nice addition to my routine in the morning. I usually have some fluid retention under my eyes and this serum really does the trick at temporarily tightening the puffiness. The texture dries down fairly quickly but doesn't make my eyelids stick to each other like the Ordinary caffeine solution did. It's also less runnier, so I feel like I can use less product to get the same effect. Another thing that I really love is the packaging. Instead of getting serum on the outside of the dropper where it can drip and you lose product, the Good Molecules bottle has a stopper (like a tube of lip gloss) that prevents too much product from getting on the sides of the dropper. No wasted product and happy undereyes.

I wish I knew how to quit you

These minis are perfect! I feel like they're a bit firmer than the full size and therefore less fragile. Or maybe I can just get a better grip on the mini sizes. They still have major pay off, melt perfectly into the skin and layer nicely together. Opal is a light gold with a warm undertone that's a bit darker than Champagne Pop and I like it as a base for Prismatic Amethyst on top. I would definitely buy more minis!

Glossier Makes Candles Now

Just kidding. But that's the aesthetic of the soup tin candle and it has the millennial pink that lixirskin also has going on. The wax and wick are high quality, low smoke and odor. The fragrance is light and pungent at the same time, it fills up a room fairly quickly but it isn't overpowering because it's a layered scent.

Does What it says on the tin

This balm, well, feels good! It's one of the O.G. Benefit fix-it products that's still around that just plain works. If you're a dry combination skin type like me you may have run into this problem: blotting papers soak up almost too much oil and leave you dry. Blotting powder does the same. But this balm hydrates while soaking up oil and filling in pores. It smells light and airy without being overpowering. If they ever get rid of this I'll be sad.

Ticky Tacky Perfection

This primer has such good grip for glitter. You have to spread it quickly once you apply it because it dries down so quickly. But when it does, it's the perfect canvas for glitter application. You can pat this on top of eyeshadow as well but I wouldn't rub because you would blur and muddle any blending you've done.

Great Hold

A little goes a long way with this mousse and it's texture feels very plush as you work it through the hair. I really love the fragrance and hold when I style my hair in dutch braids.

How Does This Serum Not have 500+ Reviews?!

I love this serum. I've gone through 2 bottles and will probably go through 2 more it's so good. It's not heavy on the skin and the light almost champagne smell isn't irritating.

One thing I really appreciate is how the serum quickly sinks into my skin without feeling tacky or sticky. I hate waiting for treatments to absorb in the morning when I'm rushed for work but still want to take care of my skin, so this serum is a timesaver and evens my skin tone to boot!

In terms of serums that even skin tone, I've gone through a lot of products. I've used Clinique's Even Better, The Ordinary's Alpha Arbutin, vitamin C emulsions and pastes and this is the best one.

A touch of lavender and squeeze of lemon

This is the best flavor of Vital Proteins I've tried! It's not a heavy lavender flavor, the lemon is pretty subtle but in a lovely understated manner. I mix this in my smoothies with raspberries, strawberries, and mango. It's a good supplement that's doesn't change the texture compared to other protein powders on the market.

ASMR for your Scalp in a Bottle

This feels almost like brushing Vicks Vaporub on my scalp when it tingles but in a good way. I can tell why it could be aggravating to sensitive scalps since it's quite potent. Yet when my scalp gets itchy and dry, this really soothes it in an invigorating manner.

Luxurious Moisture for Lasting Softness

This buttery yellow mask is heavy duty rehab for whatever ails your hair. It's packed with lots of emollients and oils that really helps my frizzy dry curls but it can be a bit heavy if I'm not careful. I like that it's silicone free and designed for dry, damaged hair. I've tried a lot of hair masks and have not really noticed a difference after using them.

Honestly I didn't even really think they were a product worth using. But this mask changed my mind since I noticed an actual improvement in my hair. Highly recommended but unlike other hair masks that tell you to use a "generous amount" you would want to start with a small amount and then work your way up to more if needed. The tub size makes it a bit harder to control the amount you're picking up so I would perhaps try the tube first to get the hang of how much you need. Since it's so rich, I think a tube would last a long time.

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