Beauty Product Reviews

Awesome Cream!

I love this cream. This is the second one I have purchased. I first was introduced to this in one of my beauty boxes and happened to try it out and my skin loved it. I use this after I use my Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip, then my Good Genes and finally my Tidal brightening Enzyme water Cream. It is doing wonders for my skin. I switch up my skincare in the winter months especially as I find you need to switch things up or your skin become immune. Also, you can't go wrong with Sunday Riley. A great brand altogether!

Great Buy & Great Kit! A must have for your make-up kit.

Was so pleased with this kit. Of course you get the one and only beauty blender (no other sponge holds up to it, seriously, there are no dupes that hold a candle to a beauty blender). You also get a wonderful beauty blender puff which is great for baking and for touch ups and OMG love this set and refresh spray, the mist is super fine and refreshing. You will love it and you will find yourself reaching for it. This stuff works! I will be buying a full size bottle of this when I run out. So glad I ordered this kit.

Best Top Coat, So Shiny and Dries Fast Too!

Love this top coat. I use in conjunction with Seche's base coat. I then put whatever color on, which does not stain because of my base coat and finally my top coat. It just makes the polish last longer, prevents it from chipping and really your nails look so shiny and it dries pretty quickly too. Can't beat and it is cheap.

Best Base Coat at a great price

I think this is the best base coat out there. I prevents your nails from staining and your polish sticks to it great. I also use Seche's Top Coat and it just goes together beautifully. I think this is well worth the money, which btw is pretty cheap considering the price of some others out there.

Beautiful Palette. Great Color Payoff.

What a beautiful palette. It has great color payoff and I found the shadows to blend seamlessly and I was able to create a few great looks with it so far. (I am still playing around and trying other looks too) . If you want to buy one of Anastasia Beverly Hill's palettes and are not sure which one to buy, this one is a great option. I love this one and her Modern Renaissance palette. Both are beautiful. Hope this helps

Great Intro To Sunday Riley!

When I purchased this kit it was after trying a sample of Sunday Riley's Tidal Enzyme Water Cream, which is awesome btw. I had heard a lot of hype about Sunday Riley's Good Genes, about it containing Lactic Acid, how Great Britain is having that ingredient taken out but that you can get it in the US and Canada and that Lactic Acid is the ingredient that makes this product a Star! Anyway, I thought I'd try this "flash fix" which is a great price and a great intro. OMG, Love this stuff! What a difference in my skin. I noticed after the 3rd day my fine lines were not as pronounced and my skin's texture and tone looked so much better. The Ceramic Slip Cleanser is also awesome (I use with my Clarisonic) and works great with Good Genes.

I can honestly say I m a Sunday Riley convert and yes it is expensive, but it is also worth it and you will see a difference. I love these products and at such a great price to try these two products, it is so worth it. Also, if you can, try and get the Sunday Riley Tidal Water Enzyme Cream to put on after the Good Genes and you will be all set. Hope this review helps.

Nice, but not what I expected.

I guess I was expecting this product to do more. It does have a nice light blurring effect, but I found that I cannot use this alone as a primer under foundation. It does work as Charlotte indicates in her videos, but not to the degree that she says it will. It is a very subtle difference, very subtle. I will continue to use as it is too expensive not to, but I would not purchase again. The one way I do use it and I think the best way for me really is if I am running out of the house to the store or post office, I will at the very least put this on my skin with a light lipstick and sunglasses and I don't feel as "naked" without my make-up. I hope this helps to give you an idea of how the product works.