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Wanted to really like this foundation

I'll admit, Wayne Goss raving about this made me buy it. I tried two shades, Metiss 3 and 4. 3 the shade was good, but the undertones weren't golden enough so I decided to go a shade darker. 4 is too dark and the undertones are grey. Also, it's hard to blend and I get uneven patches of product caking up in places.

I know people rave about this line, but to honest it's been hit or miss for me, mostly misses unfortunately.

I Think I Was Expecting Too Much?

Ok, this is by no means a bad palette, in fact it's very very pigmented and soft. Doesn't cake up so it's easy to build, but why would you want to? It's ridiculously pigmented! Is it better than others that I've used? I have to say yes, and no. Because it's blush some are great and some aren't. Is it worth $80? Nope. I think because it's Viseart I was expecting something otherworldly, it isn't, it's just a blush palette.

Decent Enough

I really liked this colour. Unlike the other one, my lips didn't burn or swell, thank goodness I wore this one first. It's a perfect grey purple that gets warmer the longer you wear it. This only issues I had were that the consistency is very thin, so I had to go over it a few times. It also cracks a bit on the lips, and it's not super comfortable. It takes a while to dry and fades with very little effort on your part.

3 stars because I love the colour, but both of these are such a miss for me.

Had An Allergic Reaction

I don't know what the ingredients are in this, but it smells heavily of citrus (I'm allergic to citrus oils), and as soon as I put this on my lips it started burning. An hour later, and my lips are still swollen and tingling even though I removed it instantly.

Apart from the reaction, I don't like this colour. It's described as mauve, but it's really more of a cool salmon with glitter big enough that I could feel it on my burning lips.

This was a huge no for me and a disappointment since this is my first Sugarpill product.

A Bit Useless On Its Own

I've had a particularly bad winter and spring. My skin had dried out to the point that it looked grey after washing. Couple that with none of my products working anymore, I decided to try some new products. Based on all the good reviews, I got this and excitedly used it for a week, only to realise that it does absolutely nothing, and sits atop my skin. I get more of a result using pure rosehip seed oil and that only costs me$4.95, and it absorbs completely into my skin. I still use it, but never on its own, but just as an extra step or added to very matte, thick foundations, it's good for that at least, but I would never repurchase.

Impossibly Beautiful!

I own a lot of makeup, I mean a lot. I could probably open my own boutique. But this is by far, the most breathtaking piece that I own.

But the beauty doesn't stop at the looks, these powders are so soft to look at and touch, they're almost fabric like, and so incredibly pigmented. I had to swatch them and it took me a really long time to do so, because I didn't want to mar the beauty of the palette, but when I did wow.

All the colours swatch well, and only a small amount is needed for full on colour which is good because it's not the largest palette. The three blush shades compliment my golden brown skin tone perfectly, which was a bit of a surprise as I was fully prepared to write that bottom shade off as a loss, but they're a lot warmer in person than they look online.

The middle bronzing shade is a perfect match, with some slight gold shimmer, and that peach highlighter is everything. All of the shades have a slight shimmer but it's very light so even if you dislike shimmer, I don't see it being a real problem.

This is so well worth the money, and I'm so obsessed that I want to get the other one even though I know it will do nothing for my complexion, I just want to own it!

Very Skin Like

I think I may actually be in love with this foundation. It's really creamy and looks like skin when applied. At first I was worried about the neutral look of the sample that Melanie sent me, but upon blending it became a bit more golden-yellow toned. But it unfortunately doesn't lean yellow enough for me, and surprisingly 107 is almost a shade too dark for me at the moment as I became visibly darker after putting it on. It might be the perfect colour in the summer though and of course the colour could be corrected with powder if I wanted to work for it since its sheer enough. The wear time is about 5 hours for me and I didn't get oily, it just sort of faded out.

If not for the weak undertones and colour, I might be able to work with it, but I think I'd have to go up one shade and 106 seems too light, wish there were a shade in between cause I really like the feel and finish of this foundation. I may still get it for the summer since it's light enough.


I got this palette a few weeks ago, and while I generally love Anastasia palettes, this one is really not up to par with the previous ones. For one thing the colours don't really coordinate well. Some a pigmented, while with others I found myself really having to pack them onto the lid, and still only got so-so colour that kinda became muddy even with primer. The colours also aren't really anything new or special, or maybe I just have too much makeup. It's not a terrible palette, just not as great as previous ones. The picture below is going over and over trying to add depth and definition that didn't quite happen.

Um... Wow?!

So I'll me honest and say that the first words out of my mouth when I applied this were "oh s#&%!" It looked that good, that flawless. It's not as dark as it looks in the picture, and I was a little concerned with what looked like a neutral lean, but I really need not have worried. It literally does give the skin an airbrushed finish in real life, and this is at a time when my skin is misbehaving terribly. Can't even say enough good things about this, other than, if you're hesitant to pick this up, just go ahead and do it, you won't regret it.

Just Ok

I have been waiting for a darker version of Chocolate Soleil it seems like forever, so I was expecting this to be a lot darker than it actually is. It's definitely warmer than the other two, so in that sense it's better. But it's only slightly darker than Chocolate Soleil. I actually prefer Smashbox Deep Matte Bronze Lights to this and I never like Smashbox products. Go figure.

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