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Fluid Foundation


Alicia H.
matte does not equal dull

I associate matte foundations, and well, makeup in general as being classic, clean, timeless, however, it is all too often that matte just equates to dull. It can look too powdery, hang onto dry areas of the skin or just look "blegh."

This is not the case with Makeup Atelier. I apply it with a wet beauty blender and it spreads seamlessly. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to foundation application and with some formulas, it can take me up to 15 minutes, various tools and windows in my apartment to get a visual of every angle in natural light. The coverage is fantastic - medium at first but super easy easily build if you prefer a fuller coverage. It looks like real, clean skin. Plain and simple.

I was also very impressed with the color range. While a bit confusing/overwhelming to look at online, I can assure you that there is a match for any and everyone. I am a NC15 in MAC which can sometimes appear a bit too yellow and the FLW1B is precisely my skintone - not too pink nor to yellow, not even a slight line of demarcation despite my preference for a fuller coverage. Just reach out to any of us at Beautylish and we're happy to help color match.

I will say that despite it having a matte finish, I would recommend setting it with a setting powder before going through with any blushes, bronzers, etc. I use the RCMA No Color Powder but any would work perfect with this foundation without ruining the integrity of the formula.

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Kandie H.
So beautiful

I've been wanting to try this foundation forever ever since I first saw Wayne Goss rave about it, but it was never available in the US. I've been wearing it for the past few days and am so pleased with the purchase. It has the perfect amount of medium-full coverage. Keeps me matte (wore for 10+ hours in 90 degree heat and it barely broke up on the nose and chin, but my daughter also rubs on my face a lot!) When I first powdered it to set, it looked a little dry but as soon as I applied some setting spray, it was so beautiful!

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Erica W.
Your Skin - But Better!

I am always afraid to try new foundations for fear of being disappointed and having to find a solution to make my face look good enough to get through the day.

I have to say I was definitely very happy with this one from Make-Up Atelier! I love full coverage foundations that have a matte finish, and this one is medium to full coverage. I actually notice my true skin and complexion show through with an airbrushed matte finish with this foundation that I LOVE. The shade range is amazing as well, there's definitely a shade here for just about everyone. I've tried using RCMA powder as well as the Make-Up Atelier loose powder and both work great and leave a gorgeous finish.

For reference, I have combination sensitive skin and I was very happy with this foundation, it's definitely one of my new favorites! I applied with a damp beautyblender so I didn't get a streaky finish as well. This foundation brings out your skin's natural complexion while also hiding what you want it to, leaving your skin looking absolutely perfect.

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Tista L.
New full cover holy grail!

This foundation is fantastic and as previously mentioned full coverage does not mean super matte or dull. It has a bit of luminosity without feeling like a mask. I use a beauty blender to apply this but also works great with a brush. I don't even need to set this with powder and it doesn't move all day! This shade is a tiny bit too dark but I'm making it work with concealer. It will be great during summer - will purchase flw1b to mix for the perfect shade. For reference I am Aqua foundation in shade 113 and Giorgio Armani luminous silk in 4.

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Jennifer C.

This product is freaking amazing.. let's be real, almost every girl on here ordered a new foundation online without knowing their shade and got a perfect freaking match?! DF?! This stuff is magic idk how they do it but it is. I needed a full coverage foundation that will last all day and I had one with my old foundation however it was SO matte that it could get cakey very easily if it wasn't blended to perfection but it was also so matte that it would dry crazy fast so it made that seamless blending so difficult. (Que angel singing voice) This is literally THE FIRST full coverage matte foundation I have tried that 1. Still looks like skin (because it's not "too matte" if that makes sense) and 2. Blends like a freaking dream. Now, we are in the dryer winter months but I live in the south and when that humidity rolls around, if this foundation can withstand it, it will most definitely be my go-to foundation all year round! Also, can I just say how freaking awesome beautylish's customer service is? Erica helped me out and she was a peach! If you guys maintain this awesomeness you just May steal me from sephora for good. Just sayin'.

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Amanda S.

I like most... have searched for YEARS to find my perfect foundation. I got a sample of this at 2015 IMATS and I fell in love! This foundation is not only my PERFECT skin tone match, it also makes my skin look flawless. I can not say enough about this foundation, it is my absolute favorite and I am sooo happy that Beautylish sells it so that it's easily accessible! My profile picture is a picture of me wearing it with absolutely no filter, and I have an Iphone without the built in filter features that some phones have.

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Emely M.
Smells awful when you apply it.

I purchased it because Wayne Goss raved about how great it is but I could not stand the smell long enough to find out for myself! I don't know if I was just unlucky and it was a fluke or if it always smells horrible when applied and we're expected to walk around with a smelly face. Unfortunately, I have to return it.

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Yolanda P.

First off, the Beautylish team sent me about 6 samples bc I'm very hard to match (NC40ish in mac), and I the FLW40 matched perfectly! I literally used a cotton swab to get the last little bit out of my sample, but have been waiting for a good month for my color to come in stock. Sigh, but it will be worth the wait.

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Kathy R.
Wonderful foundation!!

This foundation is so nice! I have sensitive skin and this does not irritate it at all. The color that I got matches me perfectly. It does not oxidize on my skin at all. Most foundations do. Hopefully they will have the concealor in stock soon.

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Tina E.

not even kidding this is the best foundation i've ever used hands down. does not sink into lines. looks flawless. will never buy another foundation other than this and its cheap compared to other higher end products. this is my little secret im obsessed

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