Beauty Product Reviews

I love these lipsticks. They glide on smooth and smell awesome,they come in many different shades and colors. I recommend these very much! I'm definitely into lighter beige colors,so these are perfect if you're like me.


This is my all time favorite perfume ever.Just got it for christmas and can't stop using it! I love cats and for any cat lovers too this bottle and scent is a must-have. Its got a musk scent but also very sweet. I got the small size with body wash & lotion. It's a very seductive smell.

beautiful !

I love this lipstick i prefer in lighter colors but i would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good pigmented lipstick. Their packaging is amazing too! I'm a huge fan of Hard Candy,anyone looking to try a unique, awesome brand try HARD CANDY:)

One of the Best!

I love this perfume because it's not too strong its nice and light smelling,the musk is an all time favorite period! i definitely recommend it. If u cant afford this perfume u can get a cheaper version,called Angelic Kiss Body spray.6.99 at walmart stores.


i love this mascara,definitely one of my favorites:) I recommend this to anyone looking for a mascara that gives u full lashes,has a fat brush which is always great ! try it


I love love love this. It shows up nicely on your skin and compliments my makeup very well. Anyone who hasn't tried a Hard Candy product i recommend u do,so many different things to choose from and have fun with it(:


I definitely recommend this palette to anyone its a great price and works great.I love this product ! A must fersure. If you like to experiment this is a palette for you,it has all different colors for different skin types,it works with a primer or without just the same,i have no problem with it.(:

This is a great mascara if used correctly not for someone who applys in a rush ... you can also use as a quick hair dye if u havent had the chance to dye ur hair in certain spots,just brush it in.awesome product

Awesome mixer.

i was very pleased with the whole purple planet color and the way it applies,if the dark purple doesnt work for you by itself blend with a dark magenta eyeshadow looks awesome.Plus if ur a fan of glitter at hard candy silver glitter dabbing on top lightly.