Yes to Blueberries

Overnight Hydrating Cream

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Luna V.

Like all the Yes to Blueberries products, this is geared towards older skin. I have relatively young skin, but very dry, rather damaged skin that needs all the help it can get.

As directed, I use this product at night over the Intense Repair Serum and under the eye gel (though I use the Yes to Cucumbers gel instead). Like the day moisturizer, this is a relatively thick lotion with an interesting fresh, almost floral smell. Think fresh-cut flowers or produce stand. It really only takes a pearl-sized amount to cover my entire face. At first, I was afraid this would be too heavy and not sink into my skin during the night. It does not feel "oily," per se, but is very thick and heavy and sinks in very slowly. Happily, it does absorb overnight, leaving me with smooth, soft, hydrated skin in the morning. Actually, when I feel particularly dry, I skip this in favour of straight-up jojoba oil--so if you're afraid of being left too oily, you have nothing to fear from this product!

As far as price goes, this is well worth it. Most anti-aging regimens cost considerably more than the Yes to Blueberries line, and while I can't judge the results or your needs, this is a great value in my opinion.

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Krystal B.

I love this cream. Made my skin feel soft and hydrated the next day, also had a glowing "pick me up" effect to my skin as well. Did not minimize any wrinkles or lines as it claims, but it did make my face feel smoother.