Yes to Blueberries

Intensive Skin Repair Serum

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Luna V.

Of all the Yes to products I've tried, this is my favourite. I'll admit I was hesitant to start the Yes to Blueberries regimen because I am young and it's geared towards older skin. However, I've decide to launch my attack on age early, since the first lines are cropping up and I am not giving in without a fight!

This is an almost-clear gel that applies perfectly clear to the face. It's non-sticky and dries almost instantly. I follow immediately with a moisturizer, whether it's day or night. The product claims to repair age-damage within 7 days--I feel like it might have been 14 days or so, but perhaps because my age-damage isn't remarkably noticeable. I do, however, have many scars left over from bad cystic acne--this works wonders on hyper-pigmentation and I'm proud to report my scars are almost gone! I started using this product in January, and it is now nearing the end of February: I think it will take more than a month to reverse 5+ years of scarring, and I am optimistic.

For the price, this is a wonderful product. I debating shelling out $100+ for similar products and am very glad that I found a product that suited my needs for a fifth of what I anticipated.

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Soo N.
kinda pricey, lightweight serum good before moisturizer
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I like to apply this serum before my nighttime lotion and after toner. Despite daily use for a couple months now, it hasn't discolored which may be due to the hygienic pump packaging. A small amount can cover my entire face and it slightly tightens the skin once it's been absorbed. It has a very faint banana color to it, and there is a soft smell of blueberries when applied that dissipates. After my JUARA experience, I'm really impressed that texture-wise it hasn't changed at all. The feeling of it on the skin is comparable to a light, watered down lotion that dries clear and quickly. Attached is a photo of what the serum looks like swatched.

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Kristen A.
Like it, but don't love it.
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I love the texture of Yes to Blueberries Intensive Skin Repair Serum, as it's lightweight, absorbs quickly and doesn't leave behind any residue. BUT, I couldn't get past the smell. I'm sure it's because there aren't any additives to mask it, but the product's fragrance actually gave me headaches. I used it for about 14 days before I had to stop. It's a shame because, aside from the smell, I was pretty pleased with this product.

Vivian L.

I had hoped this would work great on my skin (I have a lot of acne scars) but it didn't do much, to be honest. I apply this nightly over my face and neck area. It can get a little sticky, but everything definitely gets absorbed coz the stickiness is gone the next day. I've been using this for about 3 weeks.

Not a huge fan of the scent. It smells like glue with a slight hint of artificial blueberries.

As for results, my skin looked the same. Didn't feel like my skin was renewed, my scars didn't fade at all, but thankfully it didn't cause breakouts or anything. Would continue using it but won't be expecting major changes to my skin.