Yes to Blueberries

Daily Repairing Moisturizer


Luna V.

I use this as part of my Yes to Blueberries line, which I find to be an excellent way of combating the cystic acne I have struggled since my teens. In addition to repairing age damage (at my age, I don't have much), it is amazing at kick-starting cell production that erases scaring and hyper-pigmentation.

I use this moisturizer in the morning, after washing my face and applying the Intensive Repair Serum. It's fairly thick, and takes only a small amount to cover my entire face. It feels amazingly fresh and hydrating, and is actually a perfect primer for my mineral powder makeup: I apply while this is still fresh on my face, before it has fully absorbed, and my makeup stays in place perfectly. Using this moisturizer, I do not experience any excess oil throughout the day--I do have dry skin, but certain moisturizers have left my T-zone a bit oily, which is not something natural for my skin. The Yes to blueberries line seems to work with my natural skin chemistry while still delivering on its promises.