Wet N Wild

Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette


Beat And Unbothered V.

I have so many great things to say. First off I own Greed, Lust, and Pride. It's too hard to find Vanity :( The color pay off is AMAZING and so is the price. Lust is my favorite to this day and I feel like they get better with time (mine are kinda old, don't judge me). It doesn't matter if you are just starting out with makeup or are a pro, you NEED these in your life. I always revert back to these and have yet to find a cheap palette that can compete with these. They can be compared to high end shadows and they last long with a good primer. You betta getchu some, they are slowly fazing them out.

M S.
Very pigmented

I've been a fan of wnw for years.. They had come a long way, I love their eyeshadows very pigmented and truly a good find at the drugstore. Love the vanity palette & greed. I try to use it sparely since the 6pan palettes have been discontinued. Although my sister got lucky and found one at Kmart. Defitnetly recommend to anyone who has never tried this brand.

Itzayana C.
Amazing quality for the price!!

I absolutely love these palettes! My first one that I purchased was Vanity. I used it everyday for school but one day it broke and I was devastated to find out that they had discontinued the line. I found all of the palettes on Amazon and ordered them without hesitation. All of these palettes are incredibly pigmented. For only $4 they are amazing quality. I would even say that these are much more better quality than a lot of MAC shadows.

Diana G.

i absolutely love these i have this exact pallet and lust i love them i use that salmon like color every day lol i cant wait to do another look ....i actually bought mines together they came in a gift box set together with 2 lip pencils for $3.50! you cant beat that i went baq the next day and purchased the sameone again. the pigmentation is great the quality is amazing i have absolutely no complaints!

Aniko F.
Amazing Quality

I love these color icon palettes! I own all of them and love the color pay off. They are long lasting and the pigment is great! You would never guess it was Wet N Wild! Amazing.

Stefanie M.
more bang for your buck

Great pigment colors; rich purple shades. Since I don't wear make up often, much of my make up ends up in the trash. So paying W&W prices and getting great quality, my wallet is not squeezed too tight.

Arie C.

In general, I never use any of the shimmery shadows in these palettes. However, the Matte side I love. The black in these palette is one of the darkest, most blendable blacks I've ever used, and honestly makes these palettes worth it in itself. Love these!

Victoria D.

First of all, I have to say that the greenish/seafoam color in this palette is SOO unique and gorgeous! This palette is a fantastic value. I forget what I paid for it, but it definitely was NOT over $4.99. You get six eyeshadows, and three of them are matte, and three of them are shimmery. You get a matte and a shimmer of that seafoam green color, white, and a deep blue. And the matte shadows are not at all chalky or hard. Color pay off is also great. Especially good when used with a primer!

Holly V.
Great Cheap Neutral Palette

The Wet n Wild Vanity Palette cost me $4.99 at CVS and is my absolute favorite collection of neutral eyeshadows. The set comes with three highly pigmented matte shades as well three frosted colors.

When I’m going for a fast neutral eye I take the middle shade on that matte side and use that in my crease and I’m all set! If I have a few more minutes I’ll use the lightest matte color all over and the middle beige shade in my crease. The lightest color on the shimmer side is a great highlight and inner corner shade. This past weekend I used the darkest matte shade on my outer V area and then lined both my top and bottom lashes with it to make my lash line more pronounced. It gave a great subtle smokey eye look.

I probably use this palette 3 times a week and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great neutral eye set of shadows. I reach for this over my NYX nude on nude palette all the time and its a fraction of the cost.

Tiffanie C.

All the colors are surprising super pigmented and blendable. Not kidding when I say comparableb to Mac shawdows at a fraction of the price! I currently own Vanity and Silent Treatment.. But will be collecting as many as I can get my hands on! Great product for the price