Wayne Goss

Brush 05 (2013/2014)

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Brush 05 - Small Crease

Wayne explains why the smallest of his eye shadow brushes is an all-star for tricky tasks, like smudging kohl liner without irritating the eyes and applying dark shadow very precisely, so it only goes exactly where you want it.


Kendra L.
Great little detail brush

I love this brush. It's small and precise but not as small as a pencil brush. I love that because it really is for detail work and blending small areas. Sometimes I just want a little darkness in the outer V and I don't want to drag it in on the lid too far. I like that I can concentrate color exactly where I want it. I also like it for my under eye area because it so soft and when blending back and forth, it doesn't poke that sensitive area at all. I am really happy I got this because it's unique to my brush collection. I would say the only brush that is similar is a brush by sigma but that brush is definitely "floppy" and not nearly as soft. This brush will replace my sigma one. Another neat thing you can do with this brush is in between your transition color your brow bone highlight, you can add the slightest hint of another lighter transition color. It adds a really nice effect (almost like a sunset effect) and this brush is perfect for that technique because you can place color precisely and then blend out without ruining the eye shadows above and below it. Really happy with this brush!

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Alicia H.
A true gem in any brush collection

I owned Wayne's collection for some time now and like any of his sets, I feel that everyone has a natural gravitation to their favorites that are tried and true at this point. Since the 04 was so perfect for my semi-hooded eye in the crease, I didn't really find use for the 05 and it collected it's share of [very colorful, sparkly] dust sitting on my vanity over time. However, one day I decided to go wild and try it out for a really defined smokey eye look. To my surprise, not only was I able to achieve this look but the brush became a coveted staple that will always be a part of my even 10 minute daily routine.

SInce the bristles are so soft, no matter how pigmented the shadow you are using is, it sweeps without dodging on the lid, and because the brush is so controlled, there is no fallout.

Another fear when using detailing brushes is the color going on too strong...I simply don't have 30 minutes to dedicate to blending, sorry. But I was again pleasantly surprised that due to how tapered the brush is, it blends on it's own for a clean, defined, quick (not rushed) look.

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Tracey M.
If you have a small lid space or hooded eyes it's a must have

This is wonderful for blending out the outer corner crease and detail blending as well such as the lower lid, under the brows or most inner tear duct area. This is also great for adding a bit of color to precise areas that need a bit extra pop or more then blended in.

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cher t.
Perfect brush for highlighting the inner corner of the eye. The brush picks up the right amount of product.

The brush is so soft and is great if you have sensitive skin. I have used this brush a lot since I received it. I use it for highlighting the inner corner of my eye and cupid's bow. I use eyeshadow under my eye instead of eyeliner, and it delivers the right amount of product and blends it out seamlessly.

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Teri A.
Great for detail work too!

The bristles of this brush are very precise. The feel is luxurious on the skin and it is perfect for blending my liner up into the corners. I was skeptical that it would work well for detail but I am so glad to have those doubts laid to rest. Love it!

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Christen W.
Smokey eye brush

I works well blending my liner into my eyeshadow for a more smokey look, I would have preferred this to be slightly stiffer but otherwise I find I grab for it whenever I need to blend out a darker shadow or eyeliner to soften the edges. I would have liked one firmer eyeshadow brush in the set but this does the job just takes more patience.

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t r.
best eye shadow brush ever!

with this brush---you can do your entire eye look…it is small, perfect for smaller lids---precise, soft….picks up just the right amount of pigment. this is an amazing brush. the upkeep and maintenance is simple, so far its kept its one of MY best brush. if i could only take one eye brush, this would be it….

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Tiara W.
Best Brush Ever!

I have several brands of brushes, good brushes. This is the best! It makes blending a breeze and if you have an oops moment, keep on blending. Wow, I was blown away with this brush. I only bought one to see how it is, now I am thinking about installing a make up brush altar for this brush and the others I will get as soon as I can order them!

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Minelle M.
My fave brush

I actually wrote about how much I love this brush on my blog. It gives off such a sexy finish! I had a lot of trouble with previous brushes because they would irritate my eyes and wouldn't blend well. This brush is so prefect for smudging shadow near the water-line, it blends everything together so beautifully. If you haven't tried this, you really should, it's my most loved brush.

Andy D.
Wonderful for my small, hooded eyes

I've been searching for a brush that works with my small, hooded eyes for some time and this it!

This picks up product beautifully and perfectly fits my small lids, allowing me to add shadow precisely. The bristles are wonderfully soft so that the brush doesn't drag and pull the skin of my increasingly crepey lids.