Urban Decay

Book of Shadows Volume IV


Ximena G.
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great combination of colors, specially for fall and as usual very nice pigmented shadows, you can do so many great looks from totally natural to a more dramatic look.. it comes with a 24/7 liquid eyeliner which i happen to love... i have really bad eye allergies and my eyes water a lot trough out the day but this eyeliner stays put... this is my first time trying the UD mascara and it is a good mascara i liked the brush nice and stiff short little bristles to really separate the eyelashes and define them, it also includes a primer which im a firm believer in using specially if you have oily eyelids like me.. technology: usb cable, mini cable, speaker, and a card to watch some tutorial/videos. I dont have a phone so i cant comment on that but i did connect my mp3 player to the speaker and it work pretty nicely all in all UD book of shadows IV has a cute packaging but if you have more than a couple of palettes is kind of uncomfortable having to take out the palette in and out and is a bit bulky

Note: I made a review of this in Spanish if anyone is interested ( along with other things) there is a link on my page Hice un video con mis resenas de este producto y otras cositas por ahi si les interesa verlo hay un link en my pagina

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Tabia S.

I love this palette! I never bought any of the other book of shadows so this palette was very special to me. It has a lot of beautiful colors. They are very wearable and there are some fun colors as well. Its really good pigmented. I just don't like the fall outs i get when i use the brighter or the glittery colors. I use this palette a lot. I think it's a good palette. I don't like the packaging. I wish it was easier to open and I wish it was skinnier. It takes up a lot of space. I'm really happy i bought this as my first book of shadows palette.

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Tessa N.

This is an awesome deal. It's twice the amount of makeup you get in a naked palette for the same price. A great variety of colors, can achieve pretty much any look you're going for with it.

Alexa A.
Amazing and Inexpensive

First of all this is so freaking inexpensive for what you are getting in this palette! You are getting a lot of shadows, a liquid eyeliner, a mascara, a primer, and even a speaker! I love the colors in this palette, although a few are a little to crazy for me. All of these shadows do have great pigmention! The only trouble with this is that the drawer was a little tough for me to get out, but once I removed the speaker it was fine. Overall very inexpensive and great!

Theresa G.

This was my first ever Urban Decay palette. This was the beginning of my UD palette collection. UD has come a long way with improving all the quality of their products.

Michelle D.
Hidden gem

At first I was not interested at all in this palette. However I found it on sale on UD's website and decided heck why not. I'm so pleased that I did take a chance on this palette. The colors are pigmented and easy to blend . The colors are more earthy toned compared to the past book of shadows. Another good thing about this palette is that it includes a black liquid eyeliner, travel size black mascara and a travel size primer potion. I have used everything in this palette and I have no regrets. The colors are great for everyday use whether it's for work or going out at night.

Nik Von B.

I am obsessed with Urban Decay's BOS IV! Its Amaze! I got this palette as a Christmas/Birthday gift. The colors are gorgeous, great texture, color stays in place all day. The eyeliner is LEGIT. Never comes off. Truly, I had to scrub to get it off the first time I wore it. Urban Decay is so creative in their marketing, i love the names of all the eyeshadows. I am a HUGE fan.

Felicia S.

I can't believe this is only $29 now! It was originally $64. I got it on the Urban Decay website and am soooo happy with it. The colors, of course, are amazing as always. I'm happy that I also get the primer potion that everyone's always talking about. The packaging is adorable. Maybe a little excessive with the pop-up butterflies, but who cares? It's so cute. I love these 16 brilliant colors and am looking forward to using this palette more and more.

Latia C.

This BOS is my first one from Urban Decay and I love it. I purchased mine from HauteLook a while ago and it arrived on my birthday =). I have been using this palette nearly everyday since I received it. I am an absolute sucker for packaging and I can't help gawking at how pretty the cover is for this palette. I also find it very appealing that this palette comes with a full size of their new liquid liner, a staple in my everyday beauty routine. The colors are beautiful, as well as this palette itself. I use this along with my Naked palette and it is all I need. I definitely recommend swatching it in the store and looking at swatches online before purchasing though. That you can gauge if you really want the BOS for yourself.

Nichole W.

This product is AMAZING. This is my first Urban Decay eye shadow purchase ever, but it will NOT be my last. All of the colors are amazing - they are incredibly well pigmented and cover beautifully. I will never be able to use another brand of eye-shadow again without thinking about these ones. I love how creamy the shadows are without being actually CREAM shadows, and they glide right on with ease, you don't have to do a lot of work to make the shades look clean & stand right out. I love the liquid eye-liner, again, I had only used L'Oreal in the past and I am glad I got this set to try this out! The brush is thin enough to do a lower lash line without having to wipe off globs of black for it to look nice. The mascara went on & covered beautifully. I haven't even used the primer yet, but I'm sure it will be amazing too!