The Body Shop

Mango Lip Butter


Evie G.

I brought this for around £3-4 and absolutely love it! Leaves your lips smooth and tastes amazing. It is a butter so if you're planning to buy I recommend a balm first and then apply this. Great for priming before a heavy lip gloss or tinted balm and lipstick. Nourishes and refreshes your lips. Although it's a butter I was happy to note how it doesn't leave your lips white like the carmex lip conditioner and almost erasers any cracks and deep lines. This looks like it will be a long time love and I hope they don't discontinue it.

Sophie M.

i cannot even begin to praise this product enough. i had INTENSE chapped lips (and I'm talking bleeding and peeling) and applied this maybe 3 times tops throughout the day, and the following day i woke up to fresh, new, unchapped lips! no other lip product does the same! and these smell amazing! LOVE!

Kaitlin W.
It's not bad

I like it, it's not to sticky it stays on my lips and helps moisturize them. I can't really say anything about the price since I got it from black friendly shopping for free 🌚

Jasmine K.
so so

(+) - moisture my lips when its really dried out - smells wonderful - a little goes a long waay

(-) - priceyyyy!! (at here it's worth almost $8) - unhygenic ,i dont like picking up this butter with my finger.gross. - leave weird white residue/film at my lips.need long time to fully absorbed and blended to my lip

Amelia C.

I like it, but didnt LOVE it. I found it really thick and left a weird looking paste on my lips. Like it wouldn't blend into my lips properly. but it did make my lips very hydrated and soft and smells AMAZING.

Sharon J.
not so good

it is too expensive where I live it is around $12 and it leaves a residue and doesn't have a smooth consistency but smells great. I prefer cheaper brands that actually work

Mariana E.

Not crazy about it. Happy not to have bought it. It was a present. It makes my lips very dry and breakable. It smells really good though. I wouldn't recommend it for people with sensitive moisture-thirsty lips.

Siddhi P.
not impressed at all

the lip butter isn't smooth. it leaves a dry weird flaky film on the lips once you've worn the balm for a long time. It doesn't get absorbed evenly or quickly. hence I've just stopped using the lip butter/balm range of the body shop