The Body Shop

Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover


Kristen T.
Highly Recommended!

This works just great. I actually tend to use it in the morning before applying makeup. I use a makeup remover wipe at night and then wash my face, and anything leftover in the morning I remove with this by using a q-tip. It's just great!

Ashli B.
Best makeup remover EVER.

I've been using this makeup remover for almost a year now, and its my absolute favorite. It's super gentle, never stings or burns (even if it gets in your eyes) and it works like a charm. In fact, I can wear a lot of eye makeup and get it all off with just both sides of a q-tip! And because of that, it lasts forever too!

Leah R.
Perfect for sensitive skin!

This product is excellent. Using a cotton round, you put some on and gently hold it against your eye, and then wipe. Done! And no reaction, either. My skin is combination, but becomes a bit irritated when using cleansers. No problems with the remover yet, although it does seem very watery. I prefer the cream feel of the waterproof remover. But I will definitely keep buying this.

Nathalie F.

A little bit on a cotton round or cotton ball, hold it over your eye (which by the way has the whole works:eyeshadow,mascara and liner) for a few seconds and voila! it's gone. This body shop product definitely is true to its name it is very gentle to the sensitive skin around our eyes. This is especially perfect for anybody with sensitive eyes or those like myself who use contacts (i need them in until im done with my skin care regiment or else i can't see squat) who might not be able to use a creamy make up remover. In three words its GENTLE, SOOTHING and plain and simply AMAZING ! :)

Murisa D.

It's so gentle! This is my favorite eye makeup remover of all time. It doesn't sting or hurt my eyes in any way. It removes all eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner and doesn't leave a trace behind! If you have sensitive eyes, try it!

Jennifer R.

I inevitably got it in my eye and it burned and irritated my eye. Gets all the make up off very well though, but because of the burny factor I will be going back to Simple eye make up remover.

Cat C.
It wasn't that great.

I mean, it got off makeup but I felt like it also took a layer of skin with it. It burned when I put it around my eye area and I had to splash cold water on my face to stop it. It was too drying also. I had to put a heavier moisturizer on after because my skin was dry.