Convertible Color


Victoria S.
Seemingly bright in the pan, beautiful on...

The idea of fuchsia blush always scared me. I didn't want to walk around school with people thinking that I had a bad case of fuchsia rosacea, or that I was applying to clown college in the fall....

When I read about applying bright cream blush with the MAC 187, a brush that picks up a fine amount of pigment, I figured I should try this concept sooner or later. I already knew how awesome Stila Convertible Colors were because I owned a few shades.

So I took the plunge and bought fuchsia. In the pan, it's a vivid fuchsia pink. Its texture is creamy and smooth. I first applied with a cream blush, picking the faintest amount of pigment and lightly swirling it on the apples on my cheeks. When I looked in the mirror at my fair skin, brown hair, and brown eyes, it just seemed to brighten my face; this became the perfect blush for spring. The next day, I wanted to see how it applied with my fingers. I dabbed my ring finger lightly a few times in the pan, then applied the blush after my tinted moisturizer. I made sure to blend well so it didn't look like circles. This time I was expecting clown cheeks, but the blush looked the same as when I used my MAC 187 brush.

All in all, it's a total must have for neutral or cool toned coloring. The texture of the blush is divine, the lasting power is incredible (and literally will not budge if you set it with a fine dusting of loose powder). As usual, I adore the matching fuchsia metal packaging. It also looks wonderful when dabbed on lips (make sure to use a balm underneath)!


Stila Convertible Colors are one of my favorite makeup products ever. I first got hooked on these about 5 years ago, my first shade was gerbera. I've bought many more shades and am completely hooked! I have combination skin with dry cheeks, so these cream blushes bring life and a glow back to my usual dull cheek complexion. I'm completely obsessed with the packaging: a metal mirrored compact with an adorable rose design on top. Definitely one of my favorite packaging designs. At $25, the cost is steep for a blush. However, consider three things: 1) This product will last you forever, even at daily use 2) The packaging seals the product very well, making the cream last longer 3) It's technically a dual cheek AND lip color, so this could substitute for a lip color as well.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for beautiful things. But when packaging as adorable as this meets a product that makes my skin glow...that LASTS? Well, then we have a winner here.

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Mikayla O.

I got a mini version in a Sephora gift set over a year ago. I like the finish, it doesn't feel too heavy, and gives the perfect glow. It also blends verrrry nicely. I want to go buy the bright orange shade now bye.

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Jacey T.
Literally in love

Oh my god can I keep this forever? I was scared to use a blush that was 1) not powder and 2) not bubblegum pink or peach. But this blends so beautifully and looks so natural. It gives the perfect flush without that fake looking blusher girls use a lot. It lasts a while too (always a plus). i don't even need a brush. I just tap it on with my fingers and blend it in slightly and it looks perfect. A+

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Sabrina S.
Great Value!

I bought this product two years ago and I still haven't even made a dent or anything, Even thought it's pricey, this will last you forever. Poppy is a beautiful rose red color, but it is highly pigmented and you only need the smallest amount on your fingers or brush. And that's what makes it last so long! I wear it almost everyday and it makes my skin look dewy and awake, but's its very natural looking! Everyone should have at least one Convertible Color in their collection and you won't regret it!

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Aunika C.

This was the first blush I bought from stila, I fell in love right away it's sticky in the package but it glides right on the face, and blends so smoothly. I love this and now own every color, they are great lipsticks also.

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Elle A.

I started using this product a year ago and was immediately hooked on to it. I use it on my lips ( a little creates a tint) and on my cheeks as a blush. You can get major color from this, or just use tiny bits of it to create a little bit of a glow. I would not leave my house in the winter without this, it made all the difference.

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Caitlin P.

I confess, I bought this because I liked that it was compact, had a mirror, & a cute cover. But I carry it with me everywhere I go now! I love the color, the texture, it's super easy to blend. A little goes a long way! & it looks beautiful on the cheeks or the lips! I will definitely be going back to buy other shades!

Ning C.

The first eyes, lips, and cheeks multi-purpose makeup on the market, Convertible Color is truly a ground-breaker. It's easy to use because it's super blendable. I still love the Rose shade on my cheeks and the compact is great for carrying around in your purse because it's slim and the mirror never gets dusty (like powder compacts).

Wafi A.
Beauty on the Go!

I think all of us sometimes feel like we have the world on our shoulders. With school, work, internships, families, extra-curriculars, it's hard for anyone to find time to do their makeup. This is part of the reason I love this product so much. It's such a multitasker. It saves me time for when I'm on the go, and it saves room in my makeup bag.

I'm all about carrying the essentials, and this is definitely an essential because it's a blush and lipcolor in one. The gives a nice healthy dewy look, and the lip color is lasting. My favorite color is Rose, but there is a color for any skin type. I just put a little on my cheeks and lips with my fingers, and I'm ready to go.

It may be $25USD, which at times can seem like too much. Just remember it's a two-in-one product with a mirror. Totally worth it.

Mia B.
A Favorite :-)

Stila Convertible Color is a definitely a favorite of mine. I have almost every shade. They are great to have in your on the go makeup bag. It's easy to add a pop of color to your cheeks and lips all in one handy compact. It's creamy and blends very easily into your skin. The colors are a lot more intense in the pan and when you first apply it, but as you blend, the colors tone down a bit which works great for me. They also work great as a base for a powder blush. Petunia is the shade that I use the most because it gives me a natural flush. Gerbera is a great peachy coral shade. I use it alot during the summer. For me, it looks better on my cheeks than my lips, but I do use it as a base for a nice coral lipstick. Peony is also a great color. Very neutral and looks great for a natural look. These Convertible Colors are definitely worth a try :-)