O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss


Vickie L.
Best Gloss!

I use this O-gloss with my Smashbox studio foundation and it goes together fabulously!!! Sometimes when I go outside the line on my lips with this lip gloss it doesn't color the foundation nor does it ruin the foundation. The O gloss doesn't have that thick consistency like other lip gloss. It does really work on my lips and I love it! It's really pricey, So I only wear it when I go to Church!

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Karah G.

This product is unique and excellent! Creates a very nice, soft pink color that lasts for a long time! Gloss is very silky and smooth. Very cute container as well. Highly recommend this product!

Ksenia R.
Good everyday product

If you like wearing only gloss, this product is awesome. As mentioned, it comes out clear and from what I understand it's heat activated so the shades of pink will match your lips. It looks great! It's just the right consistency and easy to apply. Container is mess-free. I used this lots when I bought it.

Amy B.
Love this.

This is incredible. It creates a shade suited just for you! I only had a sample of it and used it all up so quickly, because I loved it. It's so pricey though.

Luna V.

I kind of can't believe this hasn't been reviewed yet. I was hesitant to pick this up, simply because I don't wear a lot of pink glosses and I'm not a Smashbox enthusiast (all of my experiences with their products have been kind of underwhelming). But a friend of mine purchased this and I was pretty amazed.

Right out of the tube, this gloss is entirely clear. Just a simple, clear, high-shine gloss. But as I watched her put it on, it began to turn a bright, clear bubble-gum pink. I used it next to find that, on me, it turns a sort of mauvy-berry pink. Two very distinctly different colours, subtle but distinct. (She is a natural red-head with pinky-pale complexion while I am naturally black-haired and more neutrally pale.)

So I bought it. It's a really great gloss for the days you don't want to bother with any really bright colours or heavy lipsticks. It's completely non-sticky, though I'm not sure I'd call it too long-lasting. Like most glosses, it won't survive eating, but after a few hours (4-5) it seems to be gone anyway.

Anneka F.

This is quite a fun gloss - it's super shiny and soft feeling, not sticky at all. Feels amazing on! Easy to apply. Love the colour it goes on me - first time I used it I was so surprised at how it worked. Kind of a novelty - not a major must have and a little pricey for just a novelty gloss.

Staci M.

This lipgloss, for me, is less about the gimmicky "color change" and more about how nice it makes my lips feel. I love using this gloss anytime my lips are dry because it is very cushiony and soft feeling and has the perfect amount of sheen. I definitely love the feel of it!

Nadia B.
Not What I Expected

Why oh why do these things never work out for me like they do everybody else. I've seen O-Gloss on several women and they all had beautiful pink flushed lips. The color ranges from the palest of pinks to the most vivid and beautiful fuchsia I've ever seen in a gloss. On me, not so much. The color is more of an 80's inspired lavender. I will say, it does feel amazing on my lips.