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Duo Fibre - F50

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Sally May M.
Great Substitute for the MAC 187

I won't lie...I'm on a budget these days but still want the luxuries us girls enjoy in beauty regemes. I'd heard big things about the MAC 187 and have seen some great tutorials from Bgurus far and wide to get that flawless airbrush look that well applied foundation+brush techniques achieve. However...I was hesitant on paying £30 to try this out. So after a little bit of online detective work I found out about the Sigma F50 with its very similar look and review but with its very dis-similar price tag of £11.99 ( Now..i guess after this first waffle load I've yarned out this isn't a fair comparison as I've never actually used the MAC 187 HOWEVER (..*head to table* doosh)...the effect you can achieve from the F50 is wide spread renound for being carbon copied of that of the 187 and i certainly have no question that applying my foundation using the stippling and blending method with the F50 achieves everything i would imagine the 187 does..Or should i say everything i'd expect the 187 would give me...(can i *say* these figures and numbers any more? Are you still with me?). I use Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Fresco onto well primed skin using the method i mentioned above for photoshop on skin basically. So if you're on a budget like me then totally consider the F50, even if you just wanted to practise the method without splurging out on MAC and realising that it's not for you.

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Veronica T.

I use this for bronzer. And its perfect because who wants a rough streak of bronzer on your face?! no one. its easy and light to apply, especially when you dont want a heavy application. i have tried this brush with a foundation and im not a fan. but that might just be my skin tecture. otherwise bronzer or blush is a must with this brush!!

Sydney C.

This brush is great for so many different things Applying blush, a soft wash of powder to set your foundation, applying your liquid foundation/tinted moisturizer or applying a highlight to your face ! Such a versatile brush!

Nikki Z.

OK this brush rocks. I buff on cream blushes or higlights with this all the time. It's the perfect size where it won't put product where you don't want it, and soft enough where it blends out nice without being scratchy by any means.

D L.
Only good for loose powder

This brush sheds like nothing I have ever experienced. I really want to like it, I use it occasionally to apply liquid foundation and buff it in, but I shouldn't have to clean up a big mess of fibers off my face after putting on my makeup! If only used to stipple on the foundation there is less shedding, but when I'm putting on my foundation before going out I really do not want to use a separate brush to buff in the product. The only thing I can see this being useful for is applying a very light amount of loose/setting powder, even then it can shed a bit. This is nowhere near comparable to higher end duo fibre brushes.

Lisa C.
I hate this brush

I know that is harsh, but I really hate this brush, It sheds even after months of washes and use, It is to soft to be a stippling brush, and honestly It is not a good comparison to the the MAC 187 I know that it's cheaper but it doesn't compare to the MAC 187. My foundation never looks as good with this brush as it does with the Sigma F50