Shu Uemura

false eyelashes luxe black

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Patty M.
My MVL (most valuable lashes).

These lashes are a dream. A nice thick track makes them stand up to dozens of uses, they mold to your eye easily, and they always look great. Like, always. So why, then, do I have to special order them from Canada (and pay extra fees with my bank because of it)?? It breaks my poor baby heart. These come in black AND brown, so I don't want to hear any excuses. Get them. Love them.

Leah M.
Lush, long, & fabulous!!

Oh how I adore ALL of Shu's lashes......they are some of the most durable lashes I've tried! I usually get at least 5 wears out of a single pair! The Luxe Black lashes give your eyes a very nice soft look while still being ultra glamorous! These for me are a more natural look, one I'd do for a wedding or daytime wear, but I've got thick long lashes of my own. If you have shorter thin lashes these will be pretty dramatic.