Smoothing Primer


Muffie  L.
Nice finish, pricey, too fragrant for me
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PROS - A little bit goes a long way with this primer. It leaves a nice glow and smooth finish. Since the packaging is a small flat tube, it's great for traveling :D

CONS - It costs a pretty penny for a drugstore brand (US$12.99/ 0.85-oz). It has a strong fragrance which I suppose some may like because it can be a perfume and primer all in one. but strong fragrance is not my cup o' tea when it comes to a primer since I have sensitive skin.

Overall I like how it gives a nice glow and velvety finish to my skin. If the fragrance was toned down then it'd be my go to primer, but right now I only keep it for when I travel.

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Anna V.
Great deal

I really like this primer & can really tell the difference when I dont wear it. And as they say " A little goes a long way".. it really does! I honestly only started using it because I came across it at this place where I buy my make up. IT WAS ONLY $2.00!! Sooo, I thought, "ok, why not!" I have bought it ever since.

Emma H.

The fragrace can be abit off putting when putting too much on, just a little smoothed nicely and easily and kept my make-up on for hours, i got mine on sale for about $6 so i didnt find it was very pricey and it did a good job, I'd recomend it.

Janel B.
One of my favorite drugstore primers.

This is on the pricey side of drugstore primer, but it also goes on clear and has a velvety finish. This gives a smooth base for your concealer and foundation. I also like this primer since it doesn't have spf which is great for those events that'll have flash photography.

Vania K.

when the craze for face primers came out i was so eager to try it..but unfortunately none of the drug store brands in singapore carried it at that time...and since i was schooling then couldnt afford to get thoes pricey ones...thank god revlon came to my rescue!!

the packaging is really compact..its suppose to go with the beyond natural foundation but it goes well with any other foundations as well.. It really helps to keep the makeup on longer and no matter how much i pespire(its really humid n hot in singapore!) my makeup stays:) after being so accustomed to this product i have decided to venture out to the higher end brands..lets see if it wld convert me...will definitely post another review of comparison once i start on my benefit porefessional primer!!:D

Natasha R.
Not too bad!

I really love the consistency of this primer compared to other drugstore brands. It blends out perfectly and smells lovely! I know some people are not fond of fragrances in their facial products, so that bothers you then I don't advise to buy this product. It's not a bad smell, but just very noticable, esspecially when applying it.

This product smoothes out fine lines and pores well and makes your skin incredibly soft to the touch! I do think it helps your facial products stay on longer than without a face primer, but I know there are better primers from high end brands.

For a drugstore brand, I do think it's one of the better ones though! And also worth the price, I bought mine for $15CAD and a 2-for-1 pack that came with the Skin Matching Make Up.

Sherry B.

I have combo/oily skin and I believe this is THE BEST DRUGSTORE goes on clear and you can see it instantly smooth over glides on...greta with blocking oil but of course not 100%(no primer is no matter what it says!) highly recommended! i interchange with this, a few other even my higher end brands!

Kesha M.
love, pricey, fragrance !

I love this product. It goes on smooth and a little do go a long way. I seen some people comment and say it's too pricey but I got mine on sale at Target or CVS. I can't remember which one. I been using it for a month and I enjoy it. Will I buy it at it's original price? No problem not when I know there are other products out there that is just as good but inexpensive. I love the packaging as well. I do not like that it has a fragrance but it suits me just fine.

Kao Yee V.

this product was a little pricey alone. Its also heavy on my skin even though its only a primer. It actually weigh down my makeup. i would not recommend.

Jareena S.
Good primer, Horrible smell

It works great as a primer- goes on smooth and keeps my makeup long lasting. The only complaint is the horrible scent! It smells like cheap cologne; I don't use it anymore solely for that reason.