Matte Lipstick

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Jaclyn N.

The formula is not that matte. If anything, it is a lip cream that makes your lips look more wrinkly when dried. The color pay off is pretty good. With a few swipes you'll be set.

Rebecca M.
This was my first nude lipstick

I used this back when I was into the whole emo/scene look. I loved this lipstick very much and how it was matte but not very drying. The nude color is very nude and looks like you have no lips but with a little bit of pink lipgloss this looks great.

Jessica M.

I love matte lipsticks, so when I saw this at my local kmart on sale for $2 I couldn't pass it up. The color is such a beautiful red with a bit of coral and orange undertones. It's long lasting, creamy and super pigmented. I love this shade with a bronzed smokey eye, or a neutral eye with winged eyeliner. I love it!!

Brittany B.

Nice color, but it didn't look too nice on me. I don't think the shade really fit my complexion. The one time I wore it, it even looked funny in pictures. It feathered as well

Brittany B.

I thought this was such a pretty color, but like the other reviews said it settles into the lines. Maybe Natty G. is right, matte can't be applied beautifully on lips.

Daniel C.
An exciting NUDE color!!

This lipstick is my newest obsession to coordinate with smokey, dramatic eyes. It is the perfect shade of pink/brown. The brown component of nude lipsticks alone is BORING, but a touch of PINK and it makes nude lips, exciting! Get this shade of lipstick, it is the BEST!! I LOVE IT!

Ilse D.

The best matte lipstick there. It's has the right texture a matte lipstick is supposed to have and it doesn't dry your lips like others, plus, it last quite a long time.

Megan U.

I am obsessed with Revlon lipstick in general, but I love the mattes the most! The formulation is not too drying and is nicely pigmented. I do wish that there were more shades available. I have three of these: Pink Pout, Stormy Pink, and Smoked Peach. I think that Smoked Peach is a nice nude color, but I usually do like to wear a nude gloss over it as well because the lipstick alone tends to wash me out a little. Stormy Pink is by far my favorite. It is a nice light neon pink on me (not neon like the 80s). It is a unique color and goes well with a lot of different colors. I find Pink Pout to be a little light on me, but if you like really light lips, this color is great.

Teia B.

I Love This Lipstick! I have this in SIREN. It's very smooth and velvety on my lips. For my bonus, I like to use a lipgloss to give the color a POP.

Kendra C.
I really wanted to like this.

I have been searching all over for the perfect nude lipstick and I really thought I found it in Nude Attitude. What a miss. I put it on my lips and it's ok but before long it turns very dry and chalky looking and then It settles in the lines of my lips and looks horrible. I'm wondering if it's just the shade or all the concept of this lipstick :(