Liquid Eyeliner

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Anery P.
My soulmate...

i just can't go out without it..i am in love with it...its just so smooth and easily glides over the creases and its tip!! its worth buying!!..i have four shades of it now!!(blue,purple,grey and black!) mad with dis liner..its a must try!

Bry R.

I actually really really like this. One thing I don't like is when you make the smallest shake, it shows. I cover it up with eyeshadow so it's less noticeable. But it really does stay all day, it's get tip doesn't fray, either.

Ashley  B.'s okay

This is the only liquid mascara I have ever used and I already know that there is something else better out there. It is very watery but it dries quickly..which is good if you are done applying it, bad if you aren't. If you aren't fast, you will have to re-dip. I always seem to mess up when applying this liner. I just can't get one small straight line without holding it a certain way. As you can see, you don't get much product at all. However, it doesn't smear. Once it's there, it's there until you wipe it off. I'm looking for something better.

Pamela K.
Dries out

I used this and found that the product dries out in the tube within a month or two. There's not much product to begin with either. The color is a little watery so you have to do it in coats but the sponge applicator is great. Not as much pigment as I'd like.

MacKenzie B.
Minus the brush, great product

As many times as I try, I can't seem to get the hang of using the tip! I use a different brush for application, but the product itself it wonderful. It doesn't budge or smear at all no matter what time or day, and I love the color. I've bought it many times, and will continue to do so.

Tessa B.

I have used this for at least 10 years and love it! Tried many other brands, upscale and mass retailer, and this is still the best. Easy to use precision felt tip applicator, least flaky, doesn't smear all over the place like many liquid liners. Very even pigmentation and nice matte finish.

Camille P.

I didn't know whether to like this or not. My eye became swollen the first time I used this and I never wanted to apply it ever again. I ran out of eyeliner a few days ago, I found this and hesitated on trying it again, but I did and my eye was swollen again. The tip is a sponge tip and I felt like it was pulling on my eye. Other than that the color pay off was amazing

Melody W.
Decent, but not the best color

The brush is really good for clean and precise application but the color feels like it's watered down... I sometimes have to apply a second time to get the full dark black color!

Nadia Y.
Perfect for Tightlining... Especially for Lash Extensions

I rarely purchase mass-brand (drugstore) beauty products but given my experience in the cosmetic industry, there's really not much of a difference (depending on the category).

I don't use liquid eyeliner these days, reminds me of college... lol... After getting my lash extensions I found it difficult to tightline my eyes. Here is the link if you're not familiar with tightlining: It works great! The color is high quality and dries totally matte, so it blends in well with my lashes.

I used it on my lids the other day and the stuff is legit. My face is an oil factory this includes my lids! The liner didn't budge, flake, smear and lasted for 2 days. I wash around my eyes, very carefully.

Katie R.
Lives up to the test!

I wore this all day yesterday for the first time; it did not smudge, flake, run, smear, or do anything! It stayed put the ENTIRE day outside in the summer's heat. I have oily lids too and most eyeshadows crease on me even with primer, but this did not end up in my crease. I was very pleased with the way it held up. This is great for beginners too, this is my first liquid eyeliner and the felt tip was a breeze to use. I would definitely repurchase this- it's so cheap too! I suggest purchasing it for $6 at Target and finding as many Revlon coupons as you can. At Target you can use a Target coupon and a manufacturer's coupon on the same item.