ColorStay Soft Smooth Lipstick

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Ahrar A.
good but there is better

it long laasting I really love it ... but I dont like the shimmerness and it made my lips dry .. I would buy it again if there was a great shade

Emily W.
Smooth and soft!

Lovely lipstick! The product is smooth and creamy, and goes on opaque and even. The finish is semi-matte. I usually use a sheer gloss on top because I tend to have dry lips, but it isn't necessary. However, this shade is not quite nude on my paler-than-death skin-- it is rather a lovely tan-toned orange (or orange-toned tan, I suppose).

Mery P.
Great quality and stays for a long time!

I really like this lipstick, it stays for a very long time and it has a very nice color (: If you like matte lipsticks you would probably like this one.