Oil Absorbing Rice Powder


Susie S.
so so....

This powder doesn't have any coverage at all. It's just good to brush it on the TZone area once your done putting on all your makeup. I tried wearing it without my normal powder and I didn't like the coverage, it doesn't stay all day. I did like the fact that it prevented me from getting shiny, and the price is great!

Vi-An T.

It's an alright product, it does the job and sells at a really convenient price. Since it is a loose powder it does tend to get messy and it's heavily pigmented so it might stain light-colored clothing.

Desiree E.

I use this rice powder to set my foundation and its awesome! It leaves my face matte! Throughout the day I will apply a little more to get rid of shine. Great price too! Only $5!

Theresa G.

I like these blotting papers for the summertime. Great for on the go and you need to touch up. Take the excess oil off and powder. And your good to go.

Joann M.
Alright for the price

Pretty good at absorbing oil and setting makeup. I prefer to use a poof instead of a face brush with this product. It doesn't keep up in very humid weather when my face is oilier. I like to use it in the Spring/Fall seasons. Staying power isn't much - 3 hours at most in my experience. Packaging isn't great and not travel friendly.

Kawehi G.
Good at absorbing oil

Pretty good blotting paper and it's nice have some powder too after absorbing the oil.... not bad stuff! The only thing I have from Palladio though. I also have the translucent shade.

Meghan M.
Great for the price!

I use this daily but I have realized that it doesnt keep my makeup from staying under humid weather or under my nose in normal weather (where I am most oily). I still love this powder and will continue to use it until I find something better. You definitely cant beat the price though! I think I bought this for about $4-6 at Sally's!

Elize M.
Works Wonders

Keeps my face shine free...Work great as a blotting powder and leaves a natural finish