Bonder Basecoat


athena l.

amazing!!! i love this product! I had someone recommend it to me because my nails used to chip all the time and now that i use it i get almost twice the time i used to on my set of polish! Great product!

Sheree A.

love it best base coat ever grips polish of any kind last for up to 2weeks or longer till i remove it awesome buy for the price . you can purchase at sally beauty for bout 7 bucks but well worth it.

Christina T.
Basecoat dries quickly and makes nail polishing a breeze!

I absolutely love Orly's Bonder Basecoat! 3 quick swipes on each nail and by the time I finish on both hands, I'm ready to start applying my nail polish. I can use the most inexpensive nail polish to the highest brand, they all go on super smooth. I have noticed my nail polish will streak a bit on the first layer but once I add another one, the polish is smooth and streak-free.

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