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Kimberly P.
OPI > China Glaze
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OPI's Shatter polish is one of my favorite nail polishes ever! I love the brush and every single color! They did take awhile to come out with more colors, but it's totally worth the wait! Comparing these polishes to China Glaze...they crack so much better and it makes the nail polish underneath show really well.

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Daniella G.
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Have you ever tryed to desing something on your nails and came out no Good? this is it.. no more trying, no more getting upset.. you get what you pay for and more (my opinion) is awesome! give it a try!

ps. dont leave it open to long..

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May T.
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I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS POLISH! You can do so much with it..and be as creative as you want with it. I didn't want to do every single one of my nails with the shatter on it so I just did it on TWO! LOVED IT!

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Erika V.
Fun product!
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I was so excited when I got this. This is such a fun polish. You can apply in different directions so that the it can crakle in difference directions. Not sure if I made sense there lol. This polish dried hella fast. The trick to this polish is to apply when the first polish is fully dry. Also, a thin coat gives small crackle and a thicker coat gives bigger crackle. I can't waiting to try other colors that are due to come out.

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Simone T.
I love this polish!
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This was my design a few weeks ago using the shatter on my tips. This polish makes the look cute and funky. I did it with a purple polish as well. I only use it on the tips though, I am going to try a full nail next time I go to the nail salon.

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Jennifer T.
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This product is so incredibly gorgeous! I find it looks best when applied as regular polish (one direction covering all parts), but if you'd like a fun twist on it, I suggest applying it to your nails with random brush strokes. This will create a more fun, unexpected pattern that truly resembles shattered glass.

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Jessenia I.
Love it!
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I love the shatter effect! It's pretty simple to apply but you do have to work quickly with the polish as it begins to do its magic within seconds. I just apply one thin coat. The thinner the coat, the more shatter you'll see. It drys to a satin finish so you can leave it as is or add a top coat to add a glossy finish.

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Linda D.
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This is by far the coolest nail polish. I was so excited to get my hands on this polish that I purchased two bottles. One for back up just in case haha. As soon as you apply the polish onto your nail the polish starts to shatter right before your eyes. It dries really fast so waiting time is cut short. I am extremely impatient so I love that it dries instantly. Each bottle comes with it's own little instruction tab that explains how to apply the nail polish on. Really excited to see the other colors releasing later this year.

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Auj C.
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I love the Shatter!!! You aint your nail any color, let it completely dry and then apply one coat of the shatter and watch the magic!!! Also, it works under and color and any brand!! I always use it on at least one nail!!! :)

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Janel B.
Depends on if you REALLY like the Shatter Design.

While OPI's Black Shatter nail polish has been really popular, you should really think deeply about purchasing this item. I honestly think this design is awesome. Paired with pinks and reds makes it look like an awesome leopard print design BUT I know people who just purchased it and immediately regretted buying it because they felt that it ruined the polish. That's the only disclosure I'll say. Also make sure you also put a good top coat on top of the polish so it lasts longer.

As long as you're good with these, you'll love this polish.

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