Ole Henriksen

Truth Serum

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Christine V.

I have been using this serum for about 6 months and do this is the best serum thus so far that I have tried I did just purchased my second bottle

Jacqlyn W.
Perfect serum.

I got a sample of this from Sephora while looking for the right face products. All I can say is that I'm going back to buy the full size. My face has been looking so vibrant ever since I started using this. It has a strong smell, but that doesn't bother me. I kind of like the smell actually. This doesn't cause me to break out and actually has been improving my scars a little.

Ellen M.
Makes me feel amazing

This stuff is where it's at. I got this when I redeemed some points at Sephora a few months ago and I completely love it. I cleanse every night with a Clerisonic Mia 2 and even on those late nights when I am too tired and just do a quick wash and apply Truth Serum, my skin is just as soft and smooth as if I had done my whole routine. It will leave a slight orange hue to your skin so I prefer to just use at night.

Danny C.
Nice but...

I do like this serum its one of a few that does not break me out. It smells nice and sinks into your skin quickly without any oily residue. Sadly its very drying for me. It may be because I use other exfoliants but I cannot use this daily.

Mica O.
Favorite serum, especially for spring/summer!

Let me start off by saying that this is, by far, my favorite serum that I’ve ever tried. It’s chock full of anti-oxidants and has a lot of skin conditioning components, some astringents for toning (“tightening” the skin) and soothing/calming agents. I used this product every day and night during my month long trip to Japan, and finished it up when I got back to America. It’s really more beneficial to wear this product during the day, but I also liked to incorporate it into my night routine due the extra moisturization! I was in Japan during tsuyu…the tsunami-prone, humid, rainy summer (never going back to Japan during that time of year AGAIN). During the times when it wasn’t raining and cloudy, my skin was exposed all day long to the sun while I was out exploring the country. This product saved my skin and kept my skin tone even despite damage induced from constant exposure to UV rays. (Sunglasses also saved my eyes, but I got laughed at a lot from the natives and my Japanese buddies. I guess sunglasses aren’t a normal thing there?) I highly recommend wearing this product for the spring/summer!

Yaritza M.
Best serum for me!

I have fallen completely in love with this serum! It is super hydrating and I instantly look awake and feel refreshed when I put this on my face! I cannot go without putting this on every morning before my moisturizer. LOVE this serum!

Shannyn W.
Wonderful serum!

I love how this serum feels on my face. It instantly turns my dull looking skin into a radiant & youthful look. My skin feels revived after applying the serum. I love how it smells and a tiny pump can go a long way!

Julia  R.
best vit c serum

This is my first, and only serum. I've used the philosophy vitamin c boost (powder) which isn't as potent and sometimes wouldn't work into my lotion as well as I'd of liked leaving some clumps. No chance of that happening here. And each pump from the bottle is the perfect amount for me to cover my face and neck. The only thing that will make me stop using this serum is when I start getting older and switch over to an anti-aging one. Although this vit c is a great preventative for sagging and dull skin.

Overall, I LOVE IT

Gabrielle P.
In love with Truth Serum

I work in the beauty industry so I am always trying out different products. But when I found the Truth I fell in love!! My skin looks brighter and I actually think that I look younger lol and so do my clients. It's such a great product and it's not what some would expect from a natural skincare line. Love love love

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Jessica N.
Miracle in a bottle

Absolutely amazing! It is totally worth every penny! Usually i am skeptical about serums, but I received the tiny trial sample and I was hooked. The serum minimized my pores and leaves your face feeling so smooth. The glow is amazing, your complexion looks brighter and more hydrated.

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