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Hannah K.
It's my red!

I have been absolutely obsessed with red eyeshadow since I saw the Limecrime venus palette, however I refuse to buy it due to the whole LC security breach/nastiness to customers/CEO is a bitch /etc. I found this in my local beauty store (www.thebeautystore.co.uk), which sells NYX. These are few and far between in the UK. My eye caught on Rust, I picked up the tester to give to swatch. It is GORGEOUS! It doesn't make me look like I have conjunctivitis, pink eye or a bad cold. It suits my green eyes perfectly and I got so many compliments. I adore Rust, I adore NYX. The colour payoff is fantastic, it lasts all day without primer, it doesn't crease and is so easy to blend. Plus it's a dupe for MAC Cranberry. What's not to love?

Alejandra D.
i loove them hg eyeahadow.

I am obssessed with these suckers. unfortunately in Honduras few places have nyx. but thr eyeshadows are mega pigmented and blendable you can create so many different looks. i just adore nyx products.

MsUndead R.

I really like the True Taupe shade for countoring. I don't like bronzers or most other countoring because its usually too orange or too warm and I like to keep my skin pale as possibe and cool toned. I'm still pretty new at doing it and this shadow is not SUPER pigmented but not a dud either. It's perfect for me :)

Brandy W.

I think Nyx make the best black matte eyeshadow ever.I love really dark black eyeshadows and most of the other brands add gray,shimmer,or ashy type color to it.I don't mind it,i just want something thats really black.

B R.

I love these eye shadows they are so pigmented and easy to blend! I was skeptical at first until I used them on myself a couple weeks ago after someone let me try theres and I was very impressed! I still love my mac shadows but I can use them together! These will not let you down

Cassie M.
Love 'em

These are probably my favorite shadows. I like them better than MAC. They are super cheap and easy to blend. I have actually never used one that wasn't pigmented (however, I haven't tried them all)! I have found that some of the NYX eyeshadow trios to be less pigmented. I think these are great, and hard to beat for the price!

Marina S.
I like it but feel it could be better

always a fan of nyx products this one depending on the shade is somewhat of a miss with the few I tried and it has normally been the brighter colors but if you use some type of primer it helps.

Reni V.
More of a wash than a pop

This was the first NYX shadow color that I purchased. I had a specific look in mind and was having the worst time finding the right color on short (i.e. three hours before call time) notice. Bright Green, aptly named, was exactly what I wanted. At least, it was what I wanted in its container...

The shadow itself is smooth and blends flawlessly. Unfortunately, on my skintone this color was a living nightmare. At first, it did not show up. I had to keep layering to get even the slightest hint of color. When the color did appear, it was far yellower than the shadow looks in the pot.

I have since purchased other shades and been happy with them, but I stay away from bright/light colors. The deeper greens and blues are true to color, but it seems that the shadows have to be applied with either a heavy hand or a very wet brush to get rich tones. Definitely something to keep in mind. I keep a few in my kit for bridal looks as well as for daywear and youth makeup, but I wouldn't recommend them for avantgarde, dramatic/editorial, or drag makeup.

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Kalynn K.

I really like NYX shadows, the majority of them are pigmented but then again some of them aren't as pigmented. I love how they have so many shadows to choose from, that can suit you and there is probably a big chance on finding the shade your looking for.

Donna T.
Pretty good.

I would say that NYX shadows are not as good as some department store shadows (MAC, Urban Decay, Lorac, etc) but I would say they're absolutely better than any shadow you will find at a drug store. NYX is usually relatively cheap, and definitely worth the money! If you have the option, save your money from drugstore shadows and buy NYX.