NYX Cosmetics

Liquid Eyeliner


Sherry B.

I cant vouch for the other colors but BLACK is SAFE! GREAT & DRIES MATTE!!...the brush applicator is easy to use, allows ofr a smooth application and did I mention that it DRIES MATTE!! no liquid latex/patent leather looking eyeliner!!

Emily W.
Difficult to use.

I've never been a fan of liquid liner just because I don't have the patience for it, but this one proved to be one of the more difficult products. The formula is extremely thin and watery, and it takes several passes to make an opaque line. When dry, it gets hard and feels almost like a sticker, and eventually flakes. The metallic ones in particular are the worst for breaking and flaking.

The finished application isn't smooth, and the roughn texture is emphasized by the metallic finish or the glitter (depending on color). Pass on this one.

Angela s.

I wanted to try a liquid liner so I tried this one because I love NYX products. I have to say this is the only product of theirs I dont like at all. When I was applying it it didn't make a smooth matte line it was streaky looking, so I had to go over and retrace the line 2-3 times. By doing this it flaked because of the multiple layers. It just wasn't dark enough with 1 coat either so you have to apply more then one. So this is a definate miss. If you want to try a liquid liner I'd recommend Loreals lineur intense carbon black liner.

Katie P.

I bought this in the color salmon. Its a beautiful light shimmery color and when I put it on it makes my blue eyes pop like crazy. Its downfall is that it flakes. Even with a primer the product was coming off within an hour. Wish it worked because I love the color! Would not buy again. I don't recommend this product :/

Tiffany G.

This product flakes... and to have give this any type of staying power I would recommend using an eyeliner primer. I wouldn't buy this again, which is unfortunate because the color selection is awesome.

Alice L.

I went on a NYX shopping spree months ago with a coupon. I should have done more research before purchasing and ended up throwing/giving away a third of the products I bought. The liquid liners (bought: black pearl, brown, and silver) were too runny and required multiple coats because the colors wouldn't stay on. Then when it dried, it'd start flaking and cracking. And because it was so runny, it traveled in my eye and stung like crazy.

Never again. I'd rather get Wet & Wild liquid liner (cheaper)!