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Metro Quartet Eye Shadow

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CiCi N.
Supposed to be smokey, but no smoke!

It's probably no fault to this palette, (which is so great for the price), but I wouldn't necessarily call this smokey! Instead, I use it for a slightly-darker-than-natural look. I think that the colour's really not too bad for its price, even though it tends to be less intense after hours of wearing it. Even though it says right on the swatches where it thinks you should put the shadow, please experiment with using them in different places than it instructs! It yields some pretty cool results. Overall? I'm probably going to re-purchase this great product!

Emilie L.
love !

I bought this last week and I tries it this morning it is AMAZING ! It's was one of the few time I liked all the colors in one tiny palette , not too dark or to soft just right . There not to ...powdery . the only down side is you don't get a lot of product But then again you don't break your wallet to buy it ! So...go to the first wal-mart you see and buy this baby!

Emily C.

I had this product before they redid the packaging. I thought it was the best eye shadow I ever owned until I replaced it with an ELF palate. This product creases with in 3 hours even if you apply a base.

Sydney C.

I bought this product last summer and I must say I was not impressed the colors just didn't suit my skin tone very well other than that the eye shadows were decent for the price. One thing I loved about this palette though was the highlight color, It is so gorgeous! Other than that I would not repurchase.

Sharmaine D.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS QUARTET! IT'S SO VERSATILE, AND CREATES SUCH NATURAL, "BARELY-THERE, BUT STILL NOTICEABLE" LOOK. Firstly, i love it's name, "union square", it really exemplifies the N.Y.C brand really well :) Secondly, i love how pigmented is, for a very inexpensive quartet. And i love how each shadow tell you accordingly where to put it. for example, it says which colour is the crease colour, all over the lid, contour, and highlight. It creates a natural look effortlessly.